Award-Winning RTS Mobile Game Mushroom Wars 2 Out On Android


The Mushroom Wars ireal-time strategy (RTS) developed by Zillion Whales is now on Android too as of August 3. According to the app's description in the Play Store, Mushroom Wars 2 has taken no fewer than four mobile gaming awards, with two of those being this year. That makes it, at very least, something that fans of the RTS genre ought to try. Better still, it's free to play, at least until you hit a certain mission in its single player campaign.

As to the game itself, the underlying premise and gameplay should be familiar to fans of the genre, as it centers around "tribes" of mushroom-based characters that duke it out in short battles against one another from an above-map perspective. Players control their own tribe across four campaign "episodes," with a separate episode available for each of the four tribes. Those tribes include Shrooms, Proteus, Shii'Moris, and Grims. Each tribe also has its own heroes with unique abilities to suit a variety of strategic tactics. Beyond that, Mushroom Wars 2 is one of only a handful of games that have support for cross-platform play between iOS and Android which is included with the app's three online multiplayer modes. First, the standard online battles are part of a League system that also features awards, achievements, and ranked matches. Matches themselves are limited to four players, as are custom matches which players can set up to play with their friends. Custom matches have two separate modes, including free-for-all or team-based games. Finally, a two-player co-op mode is available for players who want to try out the challenges of working together.

Aside from those features, Mushroom Wars 2 has had a substantial upgrade in terms of both visuals and performance from the prior entry to the series. It has managed to gain four mobile gaming awards, including Best Mobile Game at GTP Indie Cup 2017, Best Multiplayer Game at Indie Prize, Casual Connect 2017, and Best Strategy Game at WNConf, and was listed as one of Best App Store Games on Apple's platform in 2016. Anyone interested in checking out the game for themselves can do so by following the Google Play Store banner below.


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