ASUS ZenUI 4.0 Safeguard App Arrives On The Google Play Store


ASUS has now made its ZenUI Safeguard app available through the Google Play Store. As to be expected, this is not going to be an app available to everyone, as you do need an ASUS phone to be able to install the app. In addition to having an ASUS phone which is currently running ZenUI 4.0. When it comes to those compatible users, there is a good chance that this app is already available on the device, as it is part of the stock suite of apps offered by ASUS along with ZenUI 4.0. Therefore, the immediate benefit of the app having now been pushed to the Play store, is that it should receive more regular updates.

As for the app itself, ZenUI Safeguard is designed as a tool to help users stay safe and let others know where they are, when needed. The app achieves this through the use of two specific features, SOS and Report Location. The former is a feature which allows a user to either make an emergency call, or send an emergency text to a pre-assigned emergency contact. The feature can be activated quickly by pressing the power button three times in quick succession. The second feature is a lot more of a background feature, as once activated it will allow the device owner to share their location data in real time with any of their contacts. As to be expected, this is a feature that is able to be turned on and off at the device owner's discretion, through the app's settings.

This is not the only ZenUI 4.0-related app to find its way to the Google Play Store this week as the company's Page Marker app also has. In contrast to Safeguard, Page Marker is a browser tool which looks to improve the browser experience on mobile in general, including quicker access to visited pages, bookmarks, and downloads. So it seems as though ASUS is now starting to push a number of its stock ZenUI 4.0 apps to the Play Store. Likely in conjunction with the release of a number of new ZenFone 4 smartphones, such as the ASUS ZenFone 4 and the ZenFone 4 Selfie.


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