Allo v16 Hints At New Features, Arrival Of Desktop Client


Google had started pushing out Allo v16 to consumers, and it seems like a new entry popped up in the app's navigation drawer, suggesting that Allo for web is coming soon. This entry is currently there (for some users), but it's not exactly active, as you cannot access a website through it or anything of the sort. This is also a server-side change, so it is probably not available for everyone who have this version of Allo installed, but it will become available as soon as Google finally launches desktop Allo client.

Now, we already know how will this work, you'll need to start an in-app QR code reader, then open the Allow website (which is not active at the moment), and scan the code that is provided there. For those of you who are wondering, Allo's web client will reside on the '' website, and chances are it will become available really, really soon. Now, in addition to providing this info, the source also examined Allo v16 in order to check what's coming next, if there's any code that suggests new features are on the way. Well, it seems like Hotword Detection may be on the way to Allo app as well. Even though this is a well-known feature in Google's ecosystem, Allo still does not have the voice activation option, well, that option might be coming soon, as per the source.

In addition to Hotword Detection, some birthday-related feature might also become available. Several new strings of code suggest such a feature might be in the cards, those strings clearly reveal 'Happy birthday' mention, which could suggest that either birthday reminders are coming, or perhaps Google plans to integrate a feature in Allo that will make the app with you (the user) a happy birthday. We're only guessing here, though, of course. Location traction for Home and Work (which we've already seen in Google Maps) will be coming to Allo in the future as well, and a 'Lite' mode might be included as well. Allo is not exactly known as being light on your data, so Google might be looking for a way to change that, by introducing the 'Lite' mode. Allo v16's code also hints that some new sport-related features might be coming as well, and the same goes for Google Feed integration. On top of everything that we've mentioned, Allo v16 also hints that 'Mentions' are also in Google's plans, which essentially means that you'll be able to specifically tag someone from the chat you're currently included in.


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