Xiaomi To Source OLED Panels From Samsung For 2018 Flagship

Xiaomi Logo October 2016 AH 10

Xiaomi reportedly forged a partnership with Samsung Display to source millions of panels for its next-generation flagship device set to hit the scene next year. The Chinese tech giant previously made a name for itself by offering high-end devices at affordable price points, often far cheaper than rival handsets with comparable specs. The design of its smartphones and tablets has frequently been associated with Apple’s own ones and Xiaomi has even been dubbed the “Apple of China” by some media, which may have contributed to its success. It seems that the similarities don’t end there, as Apple recently signed a supply deal with Samsung Display for smartphone OLED panels and Xiaomi just did the same.

Xiaomi reportedly wanted to team up with LG Display at first, aiming to score 5.49-inch flexible OLED modules from the South Korean company. As LG Display’s plans for a new plant encountered some delays, the deal reportedly fell through so Xiaomi had to look for a different partner. A new report out of Korea now reveals that Xiaomi’s new partner is Samsung Display, which will supply several millions of 6.01-inch OLED displays for Xiaomi’s 2018 Android flagship. Samsung will reportedly start shipping the displays in December, when it should deliver one million panels, and continue the shipments in January 2018 with an additional 2.2 million panels. No other information is available at this point regarding Xiaomi’s flagship smartphone for next year, and Xiaomi itself has yet to confirm the reported deal with Samsung Display.

Recent rumors have pointed to a number of upcoming Xiaomi devices expected this year, but the company’s 2018 flagship is still shrouded in mystery for the most part. Rumors of an upcoming Xiaomi Mi 7 reportedly codenamed “Chiron” have claimed that the handset would come with a 6-inch screen, which would fall in line with Xiaomi’s purported order for 6-inch panels from Samsung Display. The Mi 7 would arrive next year as the successor to the Mi 6 and is widely expected to be a high-end offering. A Mi 7 concept video recently envisioned a sleek smartphone with a metal and glass build, flat display, and a bezel-less design. Considering that the Mi 6 made its debut back in April this year, the upcoming Mi 7 could be unveiled around the same time in 2018.