Weekly Poll: Would You Buy A Razer Phone Made For Hardcore Gamers?

The news broke earlier this morning that Razer is considering building a smartphone for hardcore gamers. While there is no confirmation that this is true, the writing is on the wall so to speak and seems like a very plausible scenario. In fact, it seemed like anything but an impossibility after Razer officially purchased phone maker Nextbit earlier this year. Now it looks like Razer may be taking next steps towards that end goal, though admittedly there is absolutely no information about such a device. No specs, no design, not even a price point, nor are there any rumors about any of this information. Though, this is Razer, so the device would likely not be inexpensive, that much is almost a certainty. However, price is still irrelevant since there is no guarantee the company will launch a smartphone for hardcore gamers, and though Razer products do cost a lot, you get what you pay for, and its products tend to be very high quality.

If Razer were to launch a phone it could very well be quite a ways off regarding a launch, which could mean an even more powerful processor than current flagship CPUs like the Snapdragon 835 with an Adreno 540 GPU. The phone would also likely come with a sizeable display as even mobile games are more enjoyable on bigger screens.

Such a phone would also have to come with really good audio. Razer recently launched the Razer Blade Pro laptop, which boasts audio by THX. Its Razer Blade Stealth boasts Dolby Digital audio, so it's quite likely that if Razer built a smartphone for hardcore gamers it would probably come with excellent sound quality, likely dual stereo speakers too. For all the good that could come from a Razer-built smartphone targeted at hardcore gamers though, designed completely in-house, one has to think how much a phone of this nature would appeal to the masses and how successful it would be. Then again, maybe not, as Razer's current crop of hardware isn't meant for the masses, it's all meant for hardcore gamers, something which Razer's motto, "For gamers by gamers," evokes very well and all of its hardware is quite successful.

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