Video: Nat And Friends Explore VR Storytelling & Creativity

Nat And Friends VR YouTube Screenshot

Popular YouTube Channel Nat and Friends recently released the second part of its virtual reality (VR) video series, tackling a number of storytelling possibilities that this emerging technology brings to the table. The short documentary that can be seen in the video beneath this writing tackles a number of possible applications of VR in the storytelling segment but also goes beyond that concept, exploring the idea of how related solutions can enable and ennoble creativity in general.

The video also touches upon the creation of Tilt Brush, Google’s room-scale experience that allows users to paint virtual works of art in three dimensions. The Mountain View, California-based tech giant enlisted the help of a number of digital artists to improve its VR solution with the goal of making it accessible to newcomers while simultaneously providing professionals with a robust tool that can help them realize their visions. The end result of that endeavor is a universal piece of software that’s already been used to create not only still art but music videos, video games, and other types of content. Google’s software engineers see Tilt Brush as the first step toward the “next generation of creativity” and solutions that enable it, the documentary reveals. As such, the tool itself is still in a relatively early stage of development and its capabilities are planned to be expanded upon in the future based on user feedback and Google’s own ideas.

The company’s efforts aimed at promoting VR creativity aren’t solely related to Tilt Brush, with Alphabet’s subsidiary recently introducing Blocks and looking to debut similar tools in the future, all aimed at catering to specific needs related to VR creativity. Those solutions will ultimately facilitate the creation of various content and consequently ennoble storytelling by providing content creators with more tools that they can use for making immersive experiences, Google hopes. VR filmmaking still has a number of challenges that need to be addressed before the medium becomes mainstream, with some of Google’s employees pointing out how spherical videos must be even more thought out than traditional movies as their audiences are provided with less guidance and aren’t forced to look into any given direction. An update on Google’s VR endeavors will likely follow later this year.