'The Walking Dead: March to War' Gameplay Trailer Is Here

AMC’s The Walking Dead has seen plenty of success with their mobile gaming apps, and Disruptor Beam has just shared a gameplay trailer for The Walking Dead: March To War game. This game was actually recently released and is available to install, you can download and install it on your Android handset (link is included down below). This strategy game includes several new gameplay features such as building settlements, recruiting team members, and training individual survivors. The storyline takes place right before Volume 20 of the comic series. If you keep up with the comics, you know that this is around the time that Rick and the gang from Alexandria began forming an alliance with other communities such as The Kingdom and Hilltop to battle against Negan and The Saviors. This game belongs in a strategy genre, and we're looking at a multiplayer War-style game here. Players will have the chance to build their base on a shared map in this game, and you will need to recruit and level up your team as well as appoint council members to achieve the best outcome when fighting against The Saviors and hordes of walkers.

The Walking Dead: March to War is different from most other games in the genre because instead of training multiple troops, you will be training individuals. Each character will have their own name and advanced set of skills, players may become attached to their favorite characters as they spend hours working on each one, making them more powerful. However, it is up to you to make the decision when times get tough and decide which member of your squad lives or dies. During the first part of the game, players must focus on survival by creating their bases and recruiting team members, and then, you can join a successful community. When you join a community, you will have protection from other players and have the chance to take on swarms of walkers in exchange for valuable rewards. In the middle of gameplay, you will start to look for landmarks such as clinics or police stations, this is where you will gather up resources. Landmarks work by offering rewards for the community that takes control of it. Learning where these landmarks are located will help you and your team gather supplies before other players on the map can get to them. At this point, you will have the option to look for bigger landmarks including The White House or The Pentagon.

The Walking Dead: March to War also features PvP mode which allows players to attack other individual players by targeting their base. You will need to put together a raiding party made up of 1 council member and no more than 5 survivors, you should be warned that your target will be aware of the impending raid and can set up a defense of their own within their community, so keep that in mind. PvP mode is one of the fastest ways to either lose or gain resources. The Walking Dead: March to War is now available for free on Android devices in the Google Play store, and you can check out the exclusive pre-launch gameplay trailer below.

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