Sprint Goes After Verizon With 'Twice The Price' Skit

uncledanny 1

Sprint just pulled a funny stunt to mock Verizon and its pricing schemes, taking not-so-subtle jabs at Big Red for overpricing its services. Sprint’s new stunt touts a new pop-up shop called Twice the Price, inspired by Verizon’s pricing and success. The purported Twice the Price store Sprint envisioned is a unique store that launches after months of preparations, selling hundreds of products ranging from potato chips to water bottles at twice their regular price. The owner and president of the store is Uncle Danny, who felt inspired by Verizon’s high prices and decided to open his own Twice the Price store right next to a Verizon Wireless Store. Uncle Danny says that if Verizon can charge double for four lines of Unlimited plans, why not take things to the next level and sell anything for twice as much?

As competition keeps heating up on the wireless market, carriers are racing to get ahead and trump rivals by any means. It’s usually T-Mobile and its outspoken CEO John Legere that come up with funny mock campaigns to take jabs at rivals, but this time Sprint took the shot. According to Sprint, Verizon is tricking wireless customers nationwide into getting four or five lines of unlimited data at a price that’s twice as much as it should be. For a limited time, Sprint offers four lines of unlimited talk, text, and data, at $22.50 per month per line, while Verizon charges $45 per line on a similar four-line plan. This is what prompted the Twice the Price skit as a way to mock Verizon and promote Sprint’s limited-time promo.

The details of Sprint’s offer are explained in the fine print. Sprint’s $22.50 price per line is good until September 30, 2018, and the fifth line is free. Once this promotional period expires, the price will go up to $60 per month for the first line, $40 per month for the second one, and $30 per month for the following lines. This deal is advantageous mostly for those looking to add multiple lines, as it allows for notable savings. Otherwise, those who only need one line might want to consider another promotion Sprint is currently running until the end of this month, offering one year of free Unlimited service to those who agree to switch to its network.