Sponsored Game Review: MagicJumblePro


Puzzle games are great in part because there are so many different types of puzzles that can be applied to a game format. For example, jumbled up images that require you to unscramble the different parts of a picture to get the full image. This is exactly the type of game that MagicJumblePro is, and as a kid I spent countless hours with these types of games, especially in doctors and dentist offices, so getting my hands on a game like this was kind of nostalgic. If you enjoy these types of games as well, you might want to check out MagicJumblePro. Let's take a closer look at the game and what it offers.

Before you can get started unscrmabling images you'll need to head to the Play Store and download MagicJumblePro and install it.


Once the game is installed you have your pick of nine different puzzle types to choose from. This includes Cracker, Photo Cracker, Movie Cracker, Lasagna, Photo Lasagna, Movie Lasagna, Burrito, Photo Burrito, and Movie Burrito. If you think we're making those names up, on the contrary, those are indeed the names of each puzzle type. For the most part, the names don't appear relevant to the puzzle type and are just fun names. Photo Cracker for example, will have you unscrambling parts of an image to put the squares in the correct order so that you can make the full image, while cracker will require to do something similar, but with numbers instead.

In addition to the nine different types of puzzles, each puzzle type will have varied challenge levels by adding more number or image squares. With each subsequent level you will have a bit more difficulty added to unscrambling everything. Cracker for example starts with 9 number squares, but it's sixth level goes up to 63 total squares. Rest assured, you'll find it challenging to unscramble this particular puzzle and it should take you more time which means you'll have plenty of gameplay across the board here.


There are both 2D and 3D puzzles, with the 3D puzzles presenting a little more of a challenge as you can't twist the cube around to see the other sides of it, as rotation is handled automatically, but it is also tailored specifically for each puzzle. You can still see where each empty slot is, so it's still entirely possible to tap the squares that you want to move to a new spot.


If you prefer, the game will let you select your own images for the puzzles that use them, and this can be done for both the 2D and 3D puzzles. If you select a 2D puzzle, you only need to select one image as shown above. If you do one of the 3D puzzles however, you can select images for each side of the cube.

This game features full undo support, meaning you'll be able to tap the undo button found in the top right corner of the user interface and this will set things back to the very beginning. Whether you just want to redo the puzzle over after beating it using a new image, or if you mess up and you want a to begin with a clean slate, this button will prove useful. That being said, the undo button does not actually undo the entire puzzle all at once, rather it just reverses the last move you made. You can however, tap it multiple times to get back to the start.


For the competitive side in you, you can view the leaderboard screen to get an idea of how well others have done with this same puzzle, and you can use this to try and beat the highest score if you're not the one at the top.


There is also a setting in the game that allows you to set the speed of the animations for each puzzle. In total there are five different levels of speed for the animation, including very slow, slow, normal, fast, and very fast. You can set these according to your own personal preferences.

There are quite a few puzzle types on offer here each with varying levels of difficulty due to the number of squares that can be used, so no matter your level of skill when it comes to puzzles there's something here for just about everyone if not everyone. That being said, puzzles always have some great replay value, and even more so because of the amount of puzzles here, plus the addition of the feature to add in your own images instead of using the ones that are provided by the game.


  • Speed (5/5) – Game opens quick, runs smoothly.
  • Features (5/5) – Lots of puzzles each with their own various levels of challenge, plus ability to add own images makes for a nice feature roundup.
  • Theme (4/5) – Simple and basic UI, but easy to navigate.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – A pretty decent puzzle game that will be good for beginners and those who are more accustomed to solving challenging puzzles. Also great for kids.


  • Lots of different puzzle types
  • Varied levels of challenge for each puzzle type
  • Ability to add in your own images
  • Undo button to move back a turn or more if you prefer
  • Leaderboards and high score screen
  • Animation speed control


  • No ability to twist around the cubes in the 3D puzzles. This would be a nice feature add

These types of puzzles were fun as a kid and they're fun now, and if you spent any amount of time playing them at all during your life, you might find them fun too. With 9 different puzzles and anywhere from 4 to 6 different challenge levels for each puzzle, totaling 45 different puzzles in all, you likely won't run out of puzzles to solve any time soon with this one. It's also free which is another huge plus. If you enjoy puzzle games and ones that aren't too simple, but not necessarily impossible to solve, MagicJumblePro just might be right up your alley.