Sponsored App Review: MagicRevealPro


Often times you may think of image editing applications like Snapseed for adding filters and effects to your pictures to enhance them and make them look more unique or artistic, but that's all they can be useful for. Apps like MagicRevealPro boast the ability to help you see certain details in images more clearly by adding some heavy processing to essentially enhance the image details that were less prevalent. While you might get varied results depending on the image type, MagicRevealPro claims it can be used for picking out better details in images where they are darker areas which you may want to brighten up, or when there is glass in the picture that contains details in the reflection which you may want to bring to the forefront. Let's take a closer look at MagicRevealPro and see what it has to offer.


Before you can get started with using this application, you'll need head to the Play Store and download MagicRevealPro and install it.


Upon opening MagicRevealPro it's clear that the aim was to provide a pretty simplistic interface and an easy to use set of features. Of which there are only two. There are just two features inside this app, both of which are placed on the main screen with a button for each one. These include the select photos and enhanced gallery buttons.


Select photos is what you will use when you want to enhance one of the images and reveal more detail about a specific element in the picture. This will open up your gallery and allow you to grab an image that you already have stored in the gallery. You can't use this app to take a new photo and enhance it, so you'll have to have the pictures already available.

All of the processing that is done with this app is fairly heavy and is not too unlike what you would get if you applied some really strong filter effects to pictures, such as an HDR image filter effect. The effects are also applied across the entire image and there is no way to pinpoint a specific spot for detail, meaning you have no control over what gets highlighted and what doesn't.


The picture will just be enhanced as a whole. It's also possible to select more than one image from the gallery before enhancing them, and the app boasts being able to apply these enhancements without losing any resolution or color depth.


The other feature is the enhanced gallery, which is essentially just a menu of all the images that you have used the app to process and add more details to. If you've used the app quite a bit and the enhanced gallery is getting a little clogged, there is an option to batch delete all of your images from this menu. There is also an option to delete them one by one if you long press on an image so you can pick and choose what you keep.

This is a pretty simple application and while it does have a very limited use case, it does what it set out to do it seems and it works decently. That being said, there is room for a little improvement. If it were possible to select only certain areas of an image to enhance, this could prove to be more useful and would make it easier to highlight the details of a single spot in the image which you want to see more clearly.


  • Speed (5/5) – The app runs pretty smooth and doesn't seem to have any lag.
  • Features (3/5) – Pretty basic use cases. Really only one or two features.
  • Theme (4/5) – Simple and minimal UI which makes it easy to navigate.
  • Overall (4/5) – A simple app with one purpose. To enhance photos and bring a little more detail into them so you can see details a little more clearly.


  • Simple to use
  • Simple to navigate
  • batch photo delete
  • Single photo delete
  • Multiple image selection
  • No compromise on color depth or resolution of images


  • No ability to select specific points in the image for enhancement. Instead entire image is enhanced

Some might find it hard to see the value in an app like this one, but you might be surprised at how useful it could be if you come across an image once in a while where you would like to bring out a little more detail in parts of an image. Seeing reflections in glass, lightening up darker spots in a photo; these are a couple examples of what this app could be used for, and because the feature set is minimal, getting around the app isn't challenging. MagicRevealPro is free, so if you find yourself needing an app which enhances your images for you quickly and easily, give this one a try.