RuneScape Finally Going Mobile, Early Registrations Now Open

July 17, 2017 - Written By Daniel Fuller

Jagex took to Twitter to announce that the long wait to be able to play RuneScape on your phone will finally be over in early 2018. The game will be ported over to mobile platforms in its entirety, the company said, without clarifying on which platforms would be receiving it, though it is to be presumed that RuneScape is to launch on Android and iOS devices. As a bonus, a mobile port of the old-school version of the game will be released this Winter, though an exact date was not announced for either game. Online sign-ups for gamers who want to register their interest in RuneScape Mobile are already open. Signing up will keep you up to date on the project as it moves forward, and give you a chance to get into the closed beta for each version once it launches.

Both versions of RuneScape Mobile will boast all of the same features as their desktop counterparts, along with new controls optimized for mobile devices, as well as cross-platform play. This means that you will be playing the exact same game on the go as you would at your computer, with the same crowd and same character. Jagex did not announce whether the game will host assets on the user’s device, or if a server-side approach will be taken, as seen in the desktop versions of RuneScape.

This is the first official announcement of any sort of full-on mobile support for RuneScape, though it’s been possible to play the game on mobile devices for some time now, with a bit of work and the proper workarounds. Using a remote desktop or streaming app to stream your PC desktop to your phone is one of the easiest solutions; Chrome Remote Desktop works seamlessly on just about any computer with any OS that can run Chrome, while gaming enthusiasts with NVIDIA graphics cards can get a bit more performance out of the stream with Moonlight Game Streaming. Another alternative is to install a desktop Linux distribution onto a virtual hard drive on your device with an app such as Linux Deploy and use that to run the ARM version of Java alongside a cross-platform browser like Firefox or Chromium. Emulation of x86 instructions through an app like QEmu to run a full desktop browser with plugins is also an option, but performance suffers on even the fastest chipsets. All of those various workarounds are, of course, far from ideal, and the official mobile clients, when they come, promise far better performance, easier setup, and optimized controls.

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