Report: Rogers, Fido Discontinue Black, Silver Google Pixel


The 32GB Quite Black version of the Google Pixel, along with the Very Silver 32GB and 128GB versions of the Google Pixel, have been discontinued by both Rogers and Fido, according to MobileSyrup, who in turn credits unnamed sources for the information. At present, both the Rogers and Fido sites do seem to no longer be showing any of the mentioned models as available, let alone in stock. Suggesting that the information coming through is correct and these models have now been discontinued through both.

Which does mean that at present, those looking to pick up a Google Pixel either through Rogers or through Fido only have one choice – the Really Blue Google Pixel with 32GB internal storage. Which is somewhat surprising as when the Google Pixel was first made available, it was the Really Blue model that seemed to have stock issues, as it was very┬ároutinely out of stock. Now however, that is the only one left standing through Rogers and Fido. Which also mirrors the behavior that was noted back in April when both Rogers and Fido discontinued the 128GB Google Pixel XL. Similar to now, in April both the silver and black versions of the 128GB Google Pixel XL were removed, once again, leaving only the Really Blue version of the Pixel XL as an available option. Although that now seems to be gone too, resulting in the Pixel XL fully unavailable through either Rogers or Fido.

Of course the speculation behind this move is that Rogers and Fido are both preparing for the upcoming Google Pixel 2. It is highly expected that Google will announce a successor to the Google Pixel within the next few months, and so this may simply be the case of clearing stock and making way for that new arrival. Which according to reports, will once again come in two flavors (was originally thought to be three). Although this time, the latest versions may include some fairly significant design changes, such as the inclusion of an 18:9 aspect ratio. On a last non-Pixel note, the same report also details that Rogers and Fido have also discontinued the black version of the Moto Z – which again could be to make way for the newest model, now expected to be announced next week on July 25.

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