RED Hydrogen One Supports AR, VR, MR, & Holographic Content

Red Hydrogen One 01

RED has today announced a new smartphone, the Hydrogen One. Normally there would be one or two clear selling points but with the Hydrogen One, it is difficult to isolate exactly what is the main USP with this smartphone. Although, what is clear is that as it is coming from RED, it is one which places a good deal of focus on the camera capabilities. Although the display is also an aspect which looks likely to be worth paying attention to, as this is a smartphone that seems not only ready for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), but also mixed reality (MR), 3D, and even holographic content as well. So much so that the RED Hydrogen One states it will offer “multi-dimensional content” without the need for additional hardware, including headsets or glasses.

Unfortunately the specs have yet to be provided so firm details on what the Hydrogen One will offer has yet to be confirmed. With the exception that the Hydrogen One comes loaded with a “5.7-inch professional hydrogen holographic display.” The announcement from RED does also detail that the Hydrogen One will make use of some modular functionality. With the announcement specifically detailing that “future attachments” will include modules for higher quality image capturing, as well as holographic images. Other details which can be picked up from the announcement include expandable storage (via microSD) and a USB Type-C port. As well as multi-band support and Android as the operating system in play.

Interestingly, while the specs and details have yet to be fully confirmed, RED is already accepting pre-orders for the Hydrogen One. The downside however, is that this is far from being an affordable smartphone. At present, the Hydrogen One can be pre-ordered for $1195 for an aluminium version and $1595 for a titanium version. Both prices exclude tax, shipping and handling, and RED also points out that these prices might not be the listed prices when the Hydrogen One goes on general sale. At the very least, RED says it is unable to guarantee these prices for those who opt to hold out before ordering. In terms of delivery, RED notes that the Hydrogen One is due to begin shipping initial orders in Q1, 2018. With the suggestion that later orders might not be fulfilled on time, due to production limitations with the display.

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