Outlook For Android Is Getting Redesigned Search & Navigation

Outlook Android AH 03377

The Microsoft Outlook team recently announced new and upcoming features for its app available on Android devices. Although there will be some big changes to the application, it will still include all the Outlook features and the simple user interface that users are familiar with. Some of the new features announced include an improved conversation experience, the option to switch between multiple email accounts, and search results that are more relevant to your search terms.

Following the update, your Outlook inbox may look a little different. You can now preview more of your message content so that you can glance at your inbox and choose which emails you should reply to first. Another update that will cause your morning email routine to go by faster is the new quick reply option. This allows you to reply to either an individual or add a group to the conversation using the added Groups feature. With Groups, you can choose if you want to send a group message to fellow staff members to discuss a meeting, or message close friends to make plans, eliminating the need to add multiple emails individually.

Searching for an email that you received years ago, or even a few days ago can be a difficult task. That is one reason Outlook will soon include its intelligent search feature that will make it easier to find exactly what you need, even when you’re on the go. The improved search feature will be powered by Microsoft Graph, which will help you find the content you need much easier by lighting up the keywords. The search feature will also be easier to access from iOS and Android apps with the introduction of the simple tab bar. Users will have the option to search for specific messages by the sender’s name or by files that were attached. Any time a name is typed into the search box, suggestions will be displayed instantly with frequent contacts showing up first.


Outlook’s improved navigation means that if you have more than one email account, you can now keep up with all of them without ever logging in and out. Even your Gmail account will work with this new feature, allowing users to quickly switch from one account to another. Users can also search and browse folders without opening a new tab or window. This will help make multitasking less of a chore for those who spend most of their workday checking their inbox. The email navigation and conversation upgrades were launched today for Outlook.com, Gmail accounts, and Outlook for iOS. Office 365 users will have access to the new features within the next few days. Android users should expect to see all three new features added to Outlook for Android within the next couple of months.