OnePlus Responds To System Notifications Hitting Users

OnePlus 5 AH NS 32 logo sandstone case

OnePlus has officially responded to the issue of system notifications hitting users, stating that it takes its customers’ feedback to heart and that this feedback plays a role in coming to decisions made about its products. For owners of the OnePlus 5, a new notification may be starting to show up, and according to OnePlus’ official statement the notification will be asking users if they want to share their personal experiences about ownership of the company’s latest flagship smartphone, but there will also be an option to opt out of these notifications right from the notification itself, thus making it easier for users not to receive them in the future if they wish to stop.

Presumably this means that OnePlus may be considering the idea of continuing to send these notifications out to users going forward depending on the responses that they receive from those with a OnePlus 5 who choose to share their experience about owning the device, but even if it does continue with sending out notifications, adding an opt out method to this latest one can ensure that those who don’t wish to receive them can avoid the notifications entirely, so whether OnePlus continues sending them or not might not matter in the long run as this solution more or less fits everyone. Those who don’t mind the notifications can share their experience and move forward, while those who don’t want them can simply opt out.

OnePlus’ goal here is to improve on its products by listening to its community of consumers, something which it tends to do with just about everything as the company often listens to feedback about software issues or features which users might want to see and then rolls those changes out in future updates. This is simply one more thing for OnePlus to mull over. For those that may be unfamiliar, OnePlus has been sending out push notifications to device users for quite some time, with one of the more recent discoveries popping up just this week where device owners were asked to take a survey for a chance to win a OnePlus 5.


Naturally, those who already own a OnePlus 5 may not have any interest in winning one, so it’s understandable if they wouldn’t want to see any of these notifications come through. Even still, at that time it was possible to turn these push notifications off, but with OnePlus statement on the matter today it’s just going to be easier to stop them from showing up instead of having to dig through app settings to do so. In OnePlus official statement, the company notes that “Feedback from our community has always been at the heart of our product decision making and as part of this feedback loop, OnePlus 5 users have been sent a notification to share their personal experiences about the OnePlus 5 with an option to opt-out. This is to help with the continuous improvement of our products and to better understand our community of users.” If you happen to be one of the users who don’t want these notifications showing up in the future, keep an eye out for the one outlined in OnePlus’ response.