OnePlus Confirms OnePlus 5 Emergency Call Issue Is Resolved

OnePlus 5 AH NS 26

OnePlus has confirmed that the OnePlus 5 emergency call issue has been resolved. According to OnePlus, the problem was only happening in random instances to some users on VoLTE networks when trying make calls to an emergency line, so not all users with a OnePlus 5 were having the same issue. The problem was due to an issue with modem memory usage, wherein people who were placing emergency calls under the circumstances mentioned above would experience a random reboot. At this time all users should have already received a software update that corrected this problem as OnePlus started sending out the update that included the fix for it as of the end of last week, and if you haven’t seen an update come through to your device yet, it would be worth checking manually to see if there is an update available to download.

It’s now July 25th and the problem was first reported early last week, with OnePlus responding on July 20th that a fix would be coming in the very near future at that time. Thanks to users reporting the problem and providing OnePlus with the necessary device logs after experiencing the issue first hand, the company was able to fix the problem in a pretty fast manner, taking only a few days to get things rolling.

This was the latest among a small number of issues that were happening for OnePlus 5 device owners, though it was probably the most concerning seeing as how it could actually affect people’s physical safety. Thankfully OnePlus took the issue to heart and took it very seriously, fixing things in earnest. Other problems with the OnePlus 5 since the phone’s recent launch a little bit earlier this year included the Jelly scroll effect that some users were noticing, as well as a weird problem with the stereo audio inverting during recording. Despite this small number of problems though, the OnePlus 5 has still found great success in its limited time on the market, becoming the fast selling phone on Amazon’s India website. If you’ve been considering a OnePlus 5 but were more interested in the 8GB RAM model that came in Midnight Black, OnePlus restocked this version of the phone just yesterday.