Nokia To Fix Health Mate App Issues, 'Regrets' Its Missteps

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Nokia says it’s sorry that its Health Mate app didn’t rise up to users’ needs and expectations, but promises to make things better with a future update. Nokia acquired Withings last year and it recently replaced the popular Withings Health Mate fitness tracking app with its own version of the service, though some users soon started complaining about the new tool. While the app topped one million downloads from a number of app stores, poor reviews indicate that it has a number of issues marring the end user experience and offering a significantly worse performance compared to the original Withings Health Mate. Users are reporting that the app has trouble syncing with compatible products, has various bugs and technical issues that make it tough to use, removed a number of useful features available in the original Withings app, and its new theme is not as user-friendly as the previous one.

Withings made connected health devices such as weighing scales that fed data to the Health Mate app, offering a range of charts, options, and convenient functionalities. Nokia’s new Health Mate app is a frustrating downgrade, according to some users, so the app raked in a slew of one-star ratings given by disappointed users. Withings products are not exactly cheap to begin with, but those who decided to make such investments were generally satisfied with the previous app. The revamped version “trashed the Withings app in one swoop,” one user complains. Nokia said that it replaced the previous Health Mate app with its own tool as part of incorporating Withings into the Nokia brand.

The Finnish company acknowledges that some users experienced syncing issues and bugs, while others were disappointed that some features have been removed, but pledges to make things better. Nokia says that it already rolled out an update designed to fix many issues with the Health Mate app, and it will soon release another update to add the popular Withings features it removed. The company says it won’t stop until it solves all issues and the Health Mate app delivers the quality experience users are expecting. Nokia did not offer any other explanation for why it removed some features in the first place, nor has it mentioned any specific time frame for when the next update for the app will be distributed.