New Nokia Devices Coming This Year, No Tablets Though

Nokia Logo 2017 AH 1

HMD Global, the Finnish company responsible for Nokia’s revival with the Nokia 3 and Nokia 6, has reportedly revealed some new information about its plans going into the future. While its main focus for the moment continues to be ensuring that the two above-mentioned devices see their release worldwide without incident – there are other things in the works. HMD Global also revealed a couple of things that won’t be coming anytime soon.

To reiterate, HMD Global is currently putting most of its efforts into making certain there will be enough stock of its already announced devices to go around on a global scale. That out of the way, the company revealed that it has no plans for making any kind of Android tablet for the rest of 2017. At least, that will remain the case while the focus is on recapturing consumer imaginations in the smartphone market, according to Pekka Rantala, who is the Marketing Director at HMD Global. He also revealed that there are no plans for a Nokia 4, which would logically fall somewhere between the Nokia 3 and Nokia 5 in performance and price. That decision was made mostly because the number 4 is considered unlucky in Asian countries where the device would be sold. However, he may have inadvertently given away that there are at least two other smartphones in the works. During his talk with a Finnish publication – linked in the source below – Mr. Rantala said that consumers should expect to see new smartphones prior to the Nokia 3 and after the Nokia 6. Interestingly, there are a couple of ways that could be taken. First, that could mean a new smartphone which will lead the Nokia 6 in performance – a true flagship device such as the rumored Nokia 9. If that is the case, the company may also have something below the Nokia 3 in terms of affordability as well. However, it could also mean that new devices are expected to be revealed after the Nokia 6 has hit the market, but before the Nokia 3 has really started to make its mark.

However one chooses to assess Mr. Rantala’s statements, it does appear that Nokia definitely has something going on. While it may not be a new tablet, it could very well be a Nokia 9 that many expect to be revealed in the near future. However, with no official or specific device names dropped in Mr. Rantala’s interview, it’s probably best to view this will a mild amount of skepticism.