New Mod Runs Android TV & Stock Software On Fire TV Devices


A brand new, risk-laden modification for Amazon's Fire TV lineup has hit XDA Developers from a developer writing under the handle SimLynks, which will effectively allow Fire TV devices to run Android TV software right alongside Amazon's built-in ecosystem. The mod is called, Playing With Fire and, as the name probably implies, it is recommended that only more experienced users attempt to implement the modification since files are changed at a system level. The result of those change is an experience that goes far beyond the relatively simple installation of GApps. It also solves several issues with previous attempts to bring those applications to Amazon Fire TV. A quick rundown of what the mod enables includes the ability to open Google's stock Android TV apps including nearly "all the main Android TV components." The default launcher is also changeable after installation and keyboard or button remapping is editable as well.

With the mod, on-screen shortcuts can be fully customized, task killers enabled, and application view – including the task switcher – become accessible. Furthermore, users can access both the stock settings for the device and Android TV settings at the same time. Applications can also be installed and auto-updated with the mod directly from either Google Play or Amazon App Store. Finally, Android TV's stock UI is available once the setup process is complete. As mentioned above, the process for installing the modification is tedious at very best. According to the XDA listing, the appropriate steps must be followed 100% or device bricking is a near certainty. There are 6 or more different files that must be acquired, to begin with. Several of those must match the version number given in the installation steps precisely to avoid problems, such as the required SuperSU version "v2.82-20170528234214." The listing has a number of links to versions of various components that are known to work, so that shouldn't present too much of a problem but will require some extra work in preparation to install Playing With Fire. Next, the "Build.Prop" needs to be modified to solve issues with the installation of those files and modification of other files.

Finally, those files and the modified Build.Prop needs to be moved over to the device in question. As straightforward as that might otherwise sound, the dev warns that the final step is the most difficult portion. In fact, some rigorous system tweaks during installation appear to be required since storage space restriction can present a problem. The reward for the risk is, as the XDA listing puts it, "modifications will finally allow you to completely control almost every aspect of the FireTV." With regards to compatibility, Playing With Fire has been Tested on Amazon Fire TV, version one. For that test, the developer says the Fire TV was "running RBox v5.4.2.1." However, it is also noted that as long as root access is available, the mod should be compatible. For that reason, Fire Stick version two still can't use the mod because there is no root available yet. As with all system modifications, it would be a great idea to check and double check all of the steps and requirements before attempting to install Playing With Fire. More information and photos of the mod in action can be found at XDA Developers through the link below, for those daring enough to risk it.


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