Neuroon Open Is An Open Source Sleep And Meditation Wearable

Neuroon Open

Neuroon Open is an open source sleep and meditation wearable aimed at enhancing your sleep and providing you with a tool that can help you monitor your sleep patterns. Essentially it’s a sleep tracker, of course, improved sleep is just the main goal of the device. It also works as a smart meditation device that guides you through meditation sessions with audio-assisted feedback. It also has a Lucid Dream function, and it even interacts with smart home devices like lights and thermostats, such as the Nest Smart Thermostat. While sleep tracking and smart home device support aren’t exactly new features for a wearable, those things together with the added Lucid Dream and meditation features makes the Neuroon Open a more unique device than it may seem on the surface.

Neuroon Open is a sleep mask so it’s meant to be worn just like any other sleep mask when you go to bed and shouldn’t feel awkward or unfamiliar. The mask is can be detached from the main head-worn unit and it can be worn just like a headband when using it for Lucid Dreaming or meditation purposes as well as when meditating, and any and all tracked data can be viewed in the companion application to give you a better overview of your sleep, your dreams, and meditative state.

As part of helping you get the best sleep possible Neuroon Open offers an advanced wake up function that was developed to deliver gradually increasing light so you can wake up at the best possible time. Light is filled from the inside of the mask when it determines it’s time for you to wake up and should you sleep through it the mask will then move to adding soft vibrations into the mix and eventually an audio alarm if needed, though the alarm action is sent to your phone as the mask itself won’t go off. For the smart home integration Neuroon Open will have a handful of triggers that will be developed as part of the Kickstarter campaign. When you fall asleep, when you enter REM and NREM sleep, and as soon as you wake up or remove the mask, these are all triggers that will be able to initiate actions for your different smart home devices. Things like lowering the room temperature when you enter REM and NREM, and gradually increasing the light output from smart lights you may have set up in the home are just a couple of possible interactions, though IFTTT support is also planned and the device will be open source so the possibilities for smart home integration could certainly go beyond what is initially planned for the campaign. Neuroon Open has already reached its funding goal of $100,000 by almost double, and there seems to be some early bird packages left for those interested, which start at $139.