MetroPCS Offers Free Phones, Discount Plans For Summer 2017

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MetroPCS customers and prospective customers have a few deals on the table that they can take advantage of this summer, including a pair of free LG K20 Plus units, a discounted LG Stylo 3 Plus, and promotional discounts on new and added lines under certain stipulations. The deals are all available as of this writing and do not have an end date announced at this time. The first deal on the list applies to those switching in from any carrier besides T-Mobile. You can get up to two free LG K20 Plus phones as long as you switch to two or more lines. The Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime and LG Aristo are also offered for free. The instant rebate provided by the company does not cover the sales tax, so customers wanting to take advantage of some of these offers should be prepared to pay that on top of any applicable activation and first-month charges. Finally, that particular deal is in-story only, MetroPCS confirmed.

The second deal focuses on the fairly new LG Stylo 3 Plus. The device is normally priced at $169, but customers will only pay half of that when adding a line in-store. A similar discount can be applied to the Galaxy J3 Prime and LG Aristo, meaning that the customer will only pay $85 for the LG Stylo 3 Plus, $35 for the LG Aristo, or $30 for the Galaxy J3 Prime. As with the first deal, sales tax will be calculated and charged separately based on the full device price.

The final deal on the list allows customers who currently have one or more lines on the $40 6GB data plan to add equivalent lines for only $25 per month per line, amounting to $15 in savings. Unlimited data plans are discounted for the summer as well, with a single-line plan coming in at only $50, and a two-line plan going up to $80. This means that those with only two people to provide service for would actually end up paying just $15 more for unlimited data over 6GB lines, but bigger families will find that the discounts run out and the lower plan quickly becomes the better choice, unless some of the people on the plan are heavy data users. There is a caveat to taking advantage of the cheap unlimited plan, however; plans started during this promotional period can only stream video at up to 480p and have no tethering whatsoever available.

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