Lenovo Set To Announce K8 Note In India Next Month

Lenovo K8 Note Teaser

Lenovo is set to announce the K8 Note in India next month. A new teaser posted up to the company’s India Facebook page reveals an image of the number 8 with the words “new” and the hashtag KillerNote attached to it. The teaser also came with a message from the Lenovo India team asking consumers if they’re ready for an “uncaging” of the K8 Note 8 on August 9th, while also confirming that this would be the date that it officially announces the phone.

Lenovo doesn’t go so far as to mention anything else about the device in regards to specifics, such as the hardware specs, features, or cost, or the actual launch date. Since the announcement is happening on August 9th, though, chances are it won’t be long before Lenovo makes the phone available to consumers in the region to buy. While Lenovo doesn’t mention any specs, it does make some bold claims. Lenovo ensures consumers that the K8 Note will kill the ordinary smartphones and that it will be well ahead of the competition. The company isn’t saying that this will be ahead of all the competition, but it’s likely referring to other devices that will sit in a similar hardware category. Nevertheless, claiming that the K8 Note will kill the ordinary smartphones is certainly a claim that seeks to assure customers that this will be a powerful device.

Although Lenovo hasn’t confirmed any device details for the K8 Note yet, some of the specs for the phone have been leaked. A recent listing of the device on Geekbench that Lenovo is packing in a Helio X20 deca-core processor from MediaTek, and that it will pair this processor with 4GB of RAM. As for the software, what’s being suspected so far is that the K8 Note will come with Android 7.1.1 Nougat, and with the launch for it happening closer to the Fall if not in the Fall, this certainly seems likely as Google will be launching Android 8.0 around that time. There’s no mention of a U.S.-based released for the K8 Note, but Lenovo’s last phone in the lineup, the K6 Note which it launched in 2015, wasn’t launched in the U.S. so it’s not likely to launch this new phone in the U.S. either. This isn’t the first time that Lenovo has teased this device, as a teaser image popped up just a few days ago, but at the time it was believed to be the K7 Note as there was no K7 Note that was launched last year.