Jide To Discontinue Consumer Remix OS, Shift To Enterprise

Jide is discontinuing the consumer-facing version of Remix OS as it sets out to shift completely towards Enterprise instead. The details were posted up on Jide's official website, so it would be hard to miss if you're a user of its products and visit the site frequently. Jide notes that a big reason for the shift revolves around helping companies in the Enterprise space build useful tools with Jide's software at the core of things. Essentially, Jide was approached by a number of different businesses about helping them build tools for the company, to which Jide agreed, and has now decided to change course in the products that it offers because it sees big potential in Enterprise.

What this means for the consumer is no more future support on Remix OS or any of the handful of versions that are out there, whether that be the Remix OS for PC software download, or the Remix OS Player, or even the version of the software that can be found on the Remix hardware, such as the tablet or Remix Mini. Jide will also be stopping development on all current projects that it was working on including Remix IO and Remix IO+. This might be a bit of a letdown for consumers who funded these projects but the good news at least in this particular regard is that all funds for preorders of these projects will be sent back to customers as a refund. That being said, refunds will only go out to buyers who haven't already received their orders, with refunds beginning on August 15th onward.

Jide says refunds could take at least ten days to hit backers, though if refunds don't successfully go through Jide is making a promise that it will continue to attempt refunds until they're all completed. Backers won't need to do anything to receive their refund and once they go out an email will be sent alerting backers of the details. This likely comes as a little bit of a shock to backers and anyone that has been following Jide's progress of building a unique and more PC-like Android experience, especially since there doesn't seem to be any previous information pointing to this outcome.

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