HTC And Volkswagen Reach VR Application Deal

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HTC and Volkswagen have reached a VR application deal which will see HTC collaborating with the German automaker to create apps for Volkswagen’s digital VR app platform. As part of the deal HTC will be helping to integrate Volkswagen’s existing VR applications with new ones into a single cohesive platform called the Digital Reality Hub, which it’s working with Innoactive to complete. No monetary terms of the deal have been mentioned, nor does the report state how long the deal lasts or if there will be any future parts of the deal.

Volkswagen will reportedly be using the new digital platform for a number of different things, including training employees on logistics and cross-region virtual conferencing. HTC nor Volkswagen have mentioned any applications specifically, but HTC’s Vive systems will also play a part in Volkswagen’s future VR efforts as the deal includes using the HTC Vive headsets to roll out new VR applications for Volkswagen. It’s not clear how the headsets will be used with these, but it’s likely that it will include testing the apps with the headset before launching them.

In addition to utilizing the HTC Vive headsets for use with new VR applications, Volkswagen is also creating VR solutions for Audi, Seat and Skoda for production and logistics purposes, and will make these solutions available to all Volkswagen employees, though it isn’t mentioned if these solutions will be limited to Volkswagen’s auto factories or if they’ll be distributed to employees on auto showrooms and other sectors of its business. That being said, various other automakers like Mercedez-Benz, Audi, and Jaguar are using HTC Vive headsets for VR showrooms, so it’s likely that Volkswagen will be able to do the same following the partnership with HTC. This partnership with Volkswagen is just one of the latest collaborations that HTC has entered into, as it recently partnered up with the Tate Modern art gallery in London where attendees could check out a virtual recreation of Paris, France. Back in May, it was reported that HTC Vive headsets were even being used by Israeli soldiers to train for Hamas attacks so that they could be better prepared.