Here's How To Replace The Samsung Galaxy S8 Rear Camera Lens

Samsung Galaxy S8 AH NS waterproof logo 14

If you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S8 Plus and have managed to break or crack the glass protecting the rear camera, then not to worry. YouTuber, JerryRigEverything has now put together a new video which walks users step by step through the process of replacing the rear camera lens.

In spite of this being an actual process, the video detailing the replacement of the lens is just over three minutes in length. While it is unlikely that the rear glass can be replaced quite as quickly as that, the video does highlight all the main points which need to be undertaken during the process. Which first start off with heating the glass panel – a hairdryer will likely do. This is to ensure that the adhesive keeping the lens in place becomes pliable enough to be able to removed. At which point it is just a matter of removing the glass piece by piece and until it has all been removed. Followed by the removal of any of the adhesive which still may remain in place and just generally ensuring the space is clean in preparation for the new lens.

Once the camera area has been fully cleared and cleaned, all there is left to do is drop the replacement lens into place. Although, JerryRigEverything does suggest that it is best to first clean the glass to ensure there are no fingerprint marks on the lens which could end up affecting the performance of the camera. Likewise, the YouTuber points out that when fixing the new lens into place, it is important to ensure that excessive pressure is not used. As this could be one of the danger points of the process, avoiding excessive force will help to avoid breaking the new replacement lens. And that seems to be about it. Those interested can check out the video in full below. While those in need of a replacement glass lens for the Galaxy S8 (or S8 Plus), then the one shown in the video (and recommended by JerryRigEverything for the Galaxy S8) can be purchased from Amazon through the link below.

Galaxy S8 / S8 Plus Camera Glass Lens Replacement