Google’s ‘Backup and Sync’ Tool Is Now Available To Download

Google Backup and Sync AH

Google has today announced the launch of its new Backup and Sync tool. This is a feature which is now available for both Windows and Mac and essentially looks to ensure that the backing up and the saving of important documents and photos is as easy as possible. In short, Google’s Backup and Sync is a one-stop solution for saving files associated with either Google Drive or Google Photos.

Up until now, saving files and photos had to be done through the respective uploader tools. This is what has now changed as with Backup and Sync, this one tool combines the uploading and saving features of both Google products. Backup and Sync simply looks to be a single solution to ensuring that any files or photos stored on a Windows or Mac device can be automatically stored to Google’s cloud services. As this is all done automatically, once a user signs up for the service, files and photos will continually be backed up, as and when they are recognized by the program. One of the immediate benefits of this, is that all of these backed up files and photos are then accessible from any device associated with the account. So for instance, users can simply now plug a camera into their PC, have the photos automatically synced with Google Photos, where they will then be automatically accessible them their smartphone. All while doing nothing more than simply connected the camera.

In spite of Backup and Sync having now become available, this is a service which had seen some delays in reaching consumers. Mid-way through June Google did announce the feature was due to go live on June 28. However, after missing that initial availability date, Google did further announce that it has been delayed without providing any firm details on how long the delay would be. In either case, it is now available and can be downloaded directly either from Google Drive or Google Photos – through the links below. With the difference being on what the user is most keen to backup. So if photo backups are the concern, download from Google Photos, while the Drive option will pretty much backup everything, including photos.

Backup and Sync (Drive) Backup and Sync (Photos)