Google Launches G Suite-Compatible 'Hire' Recruitment Tool

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Following an extensive period of testing, Google’s recruitment tool Hire is now ready for primetime and it sports seamless integration with the G Suite, Alphabet’s subsidiary said on Monday. The service actually builds on G Suite to enable employers and others involved in the recruitment process to keep track of all of their candidates, profiles, and relevant data, so that the whole recruitment process is more streamlined and easier to manage. Employers can turn to Hire to quickly see resumes, contact information, calendar invites, and other details related to their candidates, and they can even share feedback with their partners right within the candidate’s profile so that everything’s easy to find. Porting data to sheets can further help make all of the relevant information more visible and manageable, Google claims.

Hire is not targeted at job seekers, as Google has a different tool called Jobs to help applicants find suitable openings. Instead, Hire aims to cater to small and mid-sized businesses and help them find the right employees. All emails handled through Gmail or Hire will be automatically synced in both services to better keep track of everything. At the same time, all scheduled interviews will be automatically added to the Calendar app, along with the candidate’s contact information. Interviewers can also add notes such as what questions they want to ask or on what aspects they want to focus. Hire aims to help employers oversee the entire recruitment process, from the initial screening to the final interview.

Google has been testing Hire for more than a year and one of its main goals was to create a simple and intuitive user interface that would help all recruiters, interviewers, and employers be involved in the recruiting process without too much hassle. Thanks to its integration with G Suite, the solution pulls all candidate information and communications in a single place where all hiring parties involved can plan, talk, and collaborate until they find the suitable candidates to fill their openings. Simply put, it’s an overlay for Gmail, adding some organizational features specifically designed for employers. For now, Hire is available only to G Suite users in the United States, but Google will likely expand its availability to more markets in the future.