Essential Promised to Ship Its Phone in 30 Days, It Missed That Deadline

Essential Phones Charging

Essential announced its first smartphone on May 30th, it said that it was going to be shipping units within 30 days. Which would put it at June 29th. That was almost two weeks ago now, and the Essential Phone PH-1 still has not shipped, and the company has been rather tight-lipped about what’s going on here. Perhaps there were some issues with mass producing some of the components of the smartphone, like that display that has a section taken out for the front-facing camera. It’s still unclear, considering many media outlets have reached out to the company about it, and they have yet to respond.

The Essential Phone PH-1 was announced at the Code Conference in May. That’s the annual conference that Recode holds in the Los Angeles area, where they speak with a ton of different tech CEO’s about different things. Essential’s founder, Andy Rubin, who is also the founder of Android, debuted the company’s first smartphone. Which grabbed a lot of headlines for a number of reasons. But the biggest is the fact that it’s Rubin’s latest project. And he was the one that created Android, so he gets a lot of attention. The Essential Phone PH-1 sports all of the latest specs as well, including a Quad HD display, a Snapdragon 835 processor, and 4GB of RAM. It also is nearly bezeless, and Essential did something none of its competitors had done, which was putting the camera in the display. The reason for this was to keep the bezels small, but it also makes it look more natural when you are doing video chats on it.

It was a bit surprising to see Essential promise that its first smartphone would be shipping within 30 days, and it appears that something came up keeping that from happening. Hopefully Essential will come out with an update pretty soon so that potential customers will know what’s going on and when they can expect their smartphone. Especially since the Essential Phone PH-1 is about $649 which is quite expensive, and puts it in the league of the HTC U11, Samsung Galaxy S8 and many others.