DxOMark Rates OnePlus 5 Camera As One Of The Better Around

DxOMark has unveiled its analysis and score for the OnePlus 5 and, perhaps unsurprisingly, it managed to score very well at 87 points for photos and 86 for videos. The company's report highlights the high-end device's exceptional outdoor capabilities, serviceable indoor shots, and shows how well it stands up to its contemporary competitors. While it doesn't quite stack up to some more popular or well-scored devices in some areas, the analysis shows that most users won't be losing anything noticeable by choosing the OnePlus 5 over those other devices. To begin with, the OnePlus 5 comes with a dual sensor setup comprised of a 16-megapixel sensor with a 24mm f/1.7 lens and a 20-megapixel unit with a 36mm f/2.6 lens. Both modules are built by Sony, but they are optimized to provide a few unique features such as 1.6x optical zoom so that zooming in doesn't cause as many details to be distorted. DxOMark says the result is a camera that is a "consistently solid performer for stills and video."

Breaking down that broad statement, the results of DxO's analysis show that the OnePlus 5 captures colors and light in an efficient manner in outdoor settings. There are only a few areas where concerns crop up, such as shadowy areas or in shots with brightly lit skies, where detail can be lost in shadows or "luminance noise" can appear in shots that include the sky. With that said, noise reduction overall is said to be excellent with the OnePlus 5 under brightly lit settings. Beyond that, fine detail is well-preserved under those conditions and even "on par" with other devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Google Pixel, according to DxO. Indoor imaging is a slightly different story, however, with DxO saying such photographs are "good, but inconsistent." To that end, the camera rating company says that comes down to the device's tendency to create blur in shots taken with a tripod. Moreover, and in contrast with the problem of bright lighting in outdoor shots, brightly lit indoor shots turn out well, while luminance noise builds up as the level of light decreases. In photos that don't have blur, it is on par with its competitors and can sometimes surpass them.

As always, DxO scored the OnePlus 5 against a range of criteria and categories. The setup scored a 90 for contrast and exposure, but that was offset by a score of 83 for "noise." In between that, the camera scored an 84 for color and flash, 86 for artifacts and video, and 89 for textures. Autofocus stood out as one area where the handset really shined, landing, a score of 92. More information about the results and full-resolution examples can be found at the source link below.

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