Cristiano Ronaldo To Launch Tech Products Under 7EGEND Brand

7EGEND Logo Official

Cristiano Ronaldo purchased a controlling stake in Portuguese digital agency Thing Pink and is planning to launch a new line of tech products under the “7EGEND” brand, industry sources said earlier this week. Thing Pink is one of the largest digital agencies in the European country and has previously advertised its services as extremely comprehensive and suitable for a wide variety of clients, with the firm’s work force consisting of designers, hardware and software engineers, video producers, marketing strategists, and a number of other experts.

The best-paid soccer player in the world previously collaborated with Thing Pink on an augmented reality (AR) experience designed for his CR7 Museum which allowed visitors to use the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to interact with a number of exhibits in the Funchal, Portugal-based institution. Led by Luis Parafita, the firm has worked for a number of high-profile clients over the years, ranging from LG Electronics, Microsoft, and Puma to Samsung, Vodafone, McDonald’s. It’s understood that Ronaldo’s acquisition of the company won’t impact its everyday operations in the sense that it’s still set to collaborate with its previous partners and future clients, albeit its current efforts will largely be focused on the 7EGEND brand and its launch. The new name will reportedly replace the Thing Pink branding and is a combination of the word “legend” and the shirt number that Ronaldo wore through the majority of his career.

The digital agency is currently collaborating with Portuguese company Craque to launch the new brand that’s set to entail a number of first-party products, industry sources previously said. This strategy is also the biggest change that Thing Pink will debut following its acquisition; the company has so far specialized in advertising third-party products and services but will now also promote its own brand in addition to supporting its partners. No firm details on 7EGEND-branded offerings are currently known, though Ronaldo’s previous business endeavors indicate that the sports star may soon be promoting a number of products that join fashion with technology, with wearables being the most likely possibility, though the brand may eventually also enter the general Internet of Things segment.