You Can Now Drag & Drop Event Times In Google Calendar


Google Calendar user and Redditor Racing24 reported being able to move event times around in Google Calendar simply by dragging them about as of the latest update. Doing so does not require editing any other details of the appointment; simply grab it by long-pressing on it, then drag it to the time slot it needs to be in, and remove your finger. The appointment will settle on the time you've moved it to, and all other details of it will remain unchanged. From there, all of the normal parts of the event moving procedure will happen; any invited guests will be notified, reminders will be moved, and the event's new time slot will show as occupied in your calendar.

While this unsung feature of the newest update to Google Calendar is one that users have been requesting for quite a while, Google did not make any official announcement of it. It dropped rather quietly alongside the latest update, and took five days for somebody to find it and inform the public about it, most likely by accident. That's an unusual approach to a highly requested feature in a popular app, but the fact that it was done means that Google is listening to its users. A related request, being the ability to move an event over to another calendar if it's put in the wrong one by mistake, still requires the use of a desktop computer or going into desktop mode in a browser on a mobile device. There has been no announcement that this feature will come in a future update, but it could end up coming as a surprise, like this one did.

The update in question dropped on July 14th, and the flagship feature of the update was integration with Google Fit, which includes the ability to track goals, mark goals as done automatically, and enlist the program's help in scheduling future goals based on the time it took you to achieve past goals. Indeed, this was actually the only feature listed in the "What's New" section of the update on the Play Store. There may well be other features hidden within the app, and other Google apps, that don't see announcement in the Google Play app listings.


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