BLUBOO S8 Design Revealed In New Images & Video


One of the most interesting smartphones to arrive from BLUBOO recently is the BLUBOO S1. As this is a smartphone that continues the trend of offering a bezel-less display and one which also adopts an 18:9 aspect ratio. Although the difference with the BLUBOO S1 compared to other similar designed smartphones is the price. Due to the BLUBOO S1 becoming available to buy for as little as $159.99. In spite of the BLUBOO S1 being such a new smartphone, it already seems as though BLUBOO is working on its next BLUBOO S-series smartphone, the BLUBOO S8.

Like the BLUBOO S1, the BLUBOO S8 seems to adopt a number of similar traits. So for instance, the images provided once again confirm the inclusion of a bezel-less display and again, the employment of an 18:9 aspect ratio. So in many ways, this seems like an almost identical smartphone to the BLUBOO S1, with the company once again taking on a simplistic approach to smartphone design.


However, one of the clear differences based on these images, is the placement of the cameras. Like the BLUBOO S1, the BLUBOO S8 comes loaded with a dual rear camera setup. However, unlike the BLUBOO S1, the BLUBOO S8 seems to be making use of a vertically aligned dual camera setup. In terms of the camera specs, it is understood that the primary rear camera will be a 13-megapixel (Sony IMX214) camera, while the secondary rear camera will be a 3-megapixel camera.

It also seems as though the back cover in general has seen some improvements, as the BLUBOO S8 employs the use of IML electroplating technology which has become another en vogue feature recently. As this technology allows the back cover to not only be more durable, but also emit visual effects and reflections of light when turned. So it should be expected that in addition to being a more durable back casing, it will also be more of an eye-catching one. At the moment this is largely the extent to the new information on the BLUBOO S8’s design. Although, speaking of the visual effects, the BLUBOO S8 rear casing also emits a CD spinning-like effect. One which is neatly demonstrated in the video below.

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