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On average, the number of devices that an individual now owns (and which need to be charged via a wall socket) has increased significantly over the last few years. While the mobile market has advanced to include better phones with improved levels of battery life, and even newer product lines like smartwatches and other wearables, they all do still need to be charged at some point, and via some form of outlet. While most of these can be charged through any USB port, a wall socket will likely provide you with a faster charge rate than standard USB ports. The only issue of course, is ensuring that you have enough wall sockets to make use of in the first place. This is where a power strip, station, or wall extension can be of use and here we are taking a quick look at three options from BESTEK that are worth checking out.

BESTEK 8-Outlet Desk Surge Protector Power Strip

First up is the BESTEK 8-Outlet Desk Surge Protector Power Strip. This is a power strip which comes with a 6-foot mains cable as standard - although there are other lengths available as well. This one is designed for those looking for a smaller and more compact home extension unit that can accommodate a number of sockets, without having to sacrifice too much on space. In total there are 8 sockets included in this unit and these are broken down to include four dedicated plug sockets, and four separate USB ports. Providing access for a wealth of devices and even ones which accommodate different charging speeds. For instance, when it comes to the USB ports, one of the ports is a Quick Charge 2.0 supported port, for any smartphones which make use of the QC 2.0 technology. As for the other three ports, these are ‘smart ports’ and as such, are able to detect the charging needs of different devices automatically, and provide them with the power each device specifically needs - up to a total of 2.4 amps per port.

As to be expected, the BESTEK 8-Outlet Desk Surge Protector Power Strip does come with all the usual safety trappings in place. So as well as being a surge protected power strip, it also comes with protection against overheating, overloading, overcharging, short circuit protection, and a dedicated light which adds further protection when in use. While in terms of the build quality, the BESTEK 8-Outlet Desk Surge Protector Power Strip feels like a solid and well built unit. During testing it performed as expected and is an ideal solution for those looking for a compact unit for a table, an office, a nightstand or similar. It has the ability to stand vertically, as well as laid flat, and also has a small rotatable plaque at the bottom which allows the power station to swivel.

In terms of the price, the BESTEK 8-Outlet Desk Surge Protector Power Strip retails for $40.99 although it is currently on sale for only $27.99.

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BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter

Although the previous power station is designed to be a compact station, this one is even more compact and by design. As this one is aimed at those looking for a power station that can be taken with them, as well as used as a stationary unit when at home. Think of this as the travel version of the last model. Which does mean that the compromise here is that you are getting less ports overall. Compared to the last model, the BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter comes equipped with six ports in total, again with a 50-50 breakdown. So half of the ports on this one are standard plug sockets while the other three are USB ports. The upside being that this is a very compact unit which measures in at 6-inches by 3-inches by 1.57-inches. Likewise, unlike the last option this one comes with a 5-foot detachable mains lead, further adding to its general level of portability and ease when transporting.

With this being a travel power station, it is also one which comes with a number of different plugs in the box to ensure that wherever you are, you do have the right (and protected) plug. As such, and in addition to the standard European connector (which is attached to the mains lead), the BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter also comes with a separate UK wall adapter, as well as a US wall adapter, and an Australian wall adapter. Resulting in a device which can be used in more than 150 different countries worldwide. Another point to note is there are no voltage issues with this power station as it supports 110v up to 220v. So whichever voltage is used in a country you are heading to, the BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter will be able to automatically detect the right voltage and adapt its output accordingly. Which is especially important when it comes to protecting devices that are connected to the unit. As using an unsuitable voltage power supply can damage electronics equipment.

Speaking of protection, this is also a unit that comes with a number of standard protections in place, including overload protection, short circuit protection, and more. As well as also being a unit where the USB ports are able to adapt to a device’s individual charging needs and speeds, again up to 2.4 amps per port. However, this is a unit that does make use of a 200-watt limit so it is advised that devices pulling more than 200 watts should not be connected to this particular unit. In terms of the price, the BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter comes with a listed $70.99 price, although it is currently on sale for only $39.99.

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BESTEK Tower Power Strip with USB

For those looking for something a little bit different and certainly more office-friendly, then the BESTEK Tower Power Strip with USB might be the one to check out. Unlike the other options, this one somewhat looks to make its presence known, as it comes in vertical form and stands considerably taller. The benefit of which is that this one is able to offer a much more spread out level of surface space. Making it an ideal solution for when a number of devices need to be spaced out, but still connected to the same power outlet.

Likewise, this one includes the most power sockets as it comes with ten in total. Six of which are mains power sockets, while the remaining four are USB ports. Of those USB ports, three of them are ‘smart ports’ and will look to automatically identify the device’s charging needs, providing a suitable level of power to each device as needed. The fourth USB port on the other hand is a USB Type-C port, making it ideal for those looking to connect a device which makes use of the newer USB standard. In terms of the design, this one adopts a look and style which is certainly in line with the previous two models. Not to mention that while this unit is technically larger than the others, and offers a more spread out surface area, it actually feels rather compact and certainly does well at ensuring larger mains plugs are not too close together. Devices can be connected to this tower without the unit feeling overwhelmed or looking cluttered.

Consistent with the other options, this is another unit which comes with a number of protections in place. So in addition to the usual short circuit, overloading, and over-current protections, the unit comes with an on/off switch which also has a built-in circuit breaker, as well as what the company refers to as “heavy duty fire-resistant material” - which is said to be able to withstand temperatures up to 750 degrees Celsius. So this is one which is purpose designed to be used under heavy load, and as more of a permanent fixture where a centralized charging and power station is required. Best of all is the price though, as while the BESTEK Tower Power Strip with USB comes with a listed $50.99 price, it is currently on sale priced at only $24.29.

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Wrap up

Overall, one aspect that is consistent with these power stations from BESTEK is the general build quality and level of performance. All three units tested to adopt the same style and do seem as though they are built to last. Which includes the actual mains cable, as these cables seem to be heavy duty and feel as though they are designed to be able to carry heavier loads from the wall. Which is not always something that is found on power strips and stations. In fact the main difference between the three options, is the market they are catering towards. For instance, those looking for a simple home solution will be best suited to the 8-Outlet Desk Surge Protector Power Strip, while those looking for a more robust unit will likely be better off with the BESTEK Tower Power Strip with USB. Not forgetting of course, those looking for something more portable and travel-friendly will certainly want to consider the BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter.

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