Best Android Games – July 2017


As we roll into the Summer there's going to be plenty of free time for many individuals and if you're a gamer, this means you'll have lots of time to devote to gaming. If you're new to the Android platform (and even if you're not), there are tons of great mobile games to check out and more are added every day it seems. Since it's the Summer and it's now coming up on the weekend, if you're looking for some new games to play we've rounded up some of the best new offerings to dive into below.

South Park: Phone Destroyer

Starting this list off is the unreleased version of Ubisoft's new South Park game. This is in beta right now so you'll need to be a beta tester to get access to it. The game is kind of an eclectic mix of different elements, including card collecting with over 80 different cards to collect and upgrade, a PvP battle system, and huge boss battles with some of the most iconic characters in the South Park universe. If you're a fan of the show this is worth a look.


Asphalt Street Storm Racing

The latest Asphalt game from Gameloft is a bit of a departure from most of the main games in the series, as it's strictly drag racing. If that's your thing though, then you should definitely dive into it as it offers the biggest and best things about the Asphalt series, which is high-quality visuals, lots of different cars, and plenty of fast-paced racing.


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This is a point and click adventure game with a supernatural thriller theme. After opening a ghostly rift on Edwards Island, you and your friends will be able to explore the island and uncover the mysteries that lie in wait. Using your trusty radio you can communicate with spectres and other supernatural entities, and the story as well as the direction of the game relies heavily on the decisions you make.

Fate/Grand Order

If you're a fan of the Fate Stay Night anime series and you like RPGs, this game is for you. It's a side scrolling RPG with a bard battle element. You'll be able to collect cards of different heroes which you can use to make up your team and take into battle against enemies throughout the story, and it features anime style visuals with some pretty cool special effects for attacks.


Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Final Fantasy is known for being one of if not THE most iconic and popular RPG franchise on the planet, and while most games in the series fall under the JRPG category, the latest title is a strategy type game based on the latest entry into the main series, Final Fantasy XV. Build up your empire, dominate your enemies using special attacks and summons, and save the crystal with the power of light. Some of the gameplay is pretty standard Final Fantasy but with a new twist. If you've never been into strategy games like this before, perhaps the Final Fantasy theme will spark an interest.

Fat Bunny: Endless Hopper


Endless runners are so yesterday, but if you enjoy the gameplay style Fat Bunny puts a new spin on things as you hop instead of run. Aside from being able to play as cute little bunny, the game tasks you with hopping as far as you can and eating as many carrots as possible to raise your high score. The game also includes over 30 different bunnies to unlock including a boss bunny, a princess bunny, and a poo bunny, all with their own unique style. Controls are simple, and the game is just overall fun, and free!

POL Let's Go

Although it may not look like it, POL is a music game, but it also carries a cool little backstory. You play as a polar bear who is trying to save the ice from melting in the arctic. At the start of each level the bear will automatically jump across the blocks of ice, and you'll need to use the up and down arrow controls at the right times to follow along with the tempo. From time to time you'll also come across ice blocks which are slightly cracked, and if you don't hit the tempo quick enough landing on these blocks means game over. It's an interesting take on the music game genre and a fun little free title worth giving a go.


Run Or Die

Coming back to the runner genre, Run Or Die mixes awesome retro style graphics and audio with arcade style gameplay and endless runner mechanics. You won't just be running as far as you can though, as you'll come up against enemies and obstacles that you can dispose of with special attacks using the ROD suit. There are also three playable characters, tons of maps, and even a day and night cycle for a bit more immersion.

Super Samurai Rampage


Samurai, beautiful retro graphics, and plenty of gory, bloody detail from special attacks. What more do you need in a video game? Super Samurai Rampage puts you in the shoes of a samurai fighting off endless waves of enemies. Slash them to bits with your katana, activate special powers which enhance your attacks, and defend your honor.

Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow

Rounding out this list is the highly anticipated Futurama: Worlds Of Tomorrow. There's a lot going on with this game but all of it is loads of fun especially if you're a fan of the series. You can build up your own city of New York, fight in hilarious 16-bi combat battles, and enjoy an original story that was created specifically for this game by the creators of the show.