Android Samba Client App Lands On The Play Store

The Android Samba Client app has landed on the Play Store today. If you're a user of the Samba Client on desktop and laptop computers, this will give you the ability to utilize the same capabilities while on the go. While the app just launched and some users are already commenting that it isn't the most user-friendly application out there at this time, Android Samba Client is a direct port of Samba Client on desktops, and it includes the entire feature set that's available via that platform which means users should be able to access anything from the mobile app that they can from the desktop version of the software tool.

The app will take a tiny bit of configuration but that shouldn't be an overly difficult task for someone who is already used to Samba in the first place, and once the app has been set up correctly it'll basically allow you to access files that are stored on your PC (it's pretty much a file manager app but through PC remote access instead of on-device), with full access to move the files around to new locations as you see fit, as well as delete any unwanted files that you no longer want to keep stored and modifying the files by making any necessary adjustments, such as file name changes or adding things to a certain folder.

The has some very obviously limited uses and it won't be for everyone, but it'll surely catch on with existing Samba users who have been wanting an official solution on Android. That said, a number of users haven't been shy about expressing the want for this to be a native feature on Android, suggesting that it might be better if it were just baked into the Android Operating System altogether instead of having to access the Samba Client features through a third-party application that needs to be installed first. The app UI is pretty basic compared to most of Google's other apps, but that's likely expected given the nature of what the app provides. If you're someone who uses Samba currently or have been planning to use it at some point down the line, Android Samba Client is a free application and can be grabbed from the button below to initiates the download and installation process.

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