Amazon Prime Day 2017: F-Color Car Mounts For $6.99 W/Code – 7/11/17


If you use your phone in the car for directions, navigation, music or anything else, you'll want a car mount to keep the phone within view but to where you don't always have to pick it up. This should keep make things a whole lot safer and allow you to keep your eyes on the road, and it also keeps your phone in a secure place.

Normally you can find some pretty good deals on car mounts on Amazon but because it's Prime Day you'll get extra savings if you use codes at checkout for each car mounts, and although each car mount starts at a different standard retail price, the codes for each will bring them all down to $6.99. For the F-Color Magnetic Air Vent Car Mount you can pick it up for $6.99 down from $24.99 when using code 7J8F24OW at checkout. For the F-Color Magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder the price comes down to $6.99 from $15.99 when using code 5ZZ65XM6 at checkout, and lastly the F-Color Magnetic CD Slot Car Mount comes down to $6.99 from the regular price of $15.99 when using code OKGKRQFK at checkout. All three cradles are magnetic and have rotating dials so you can position the phone just how you want it, and all three have a universal fit allowing them to work with most phones.

Each mount comes with super high-powered magnets to ensure a safe and secure hold on your device, so you shouldn't have to worry about the phone falling off the mount at any point. The rotating hinges are also 360-degrees which means you can twist them not only to move your device from landscape to portrait orientation, but you can also twist them up and down and side to side so you can get the perfect angle. All three deals are also good through July 16th which gives you about five more days to snatch them up.

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