Xiaomi's Huami Teases Campaign For A Fitness-Oriented Gadget

Humi Xiaomi June 5 17 Teaser

Xiaomi is due to release its next crowdfunded project on June 6 and with nothing yet confirmed, rumors are flying as to what the new device could be. This product will likely be Xiaomi’s 86th crowdfunded project and will be manufactured by Huami, as revealed by the company on Chinese social networking size Weibo. The teaser hinting at the upcoming fitness-oriented product was later reshared by Xiaomi’s official MIJIA Weibo account, suggesting that Huami will once again be crowdfunding a product through Xiaomi’s platform.

Huami is a sub-brand of Xiaomi and the company behind the Xiaomi Mi Band and the Mi Band 2. A recent image that has been spotted on Weibo suggests that its upcoming product will be related to sports and especially running, which would make the Mi Band 3 the most likely contender. Huami is well-known for making devices in this field, as it is also the creator of the popular Amazfit range of fitness trackers and smartwatches. The Xiaomi Mi Band wearable range has been a very successful line for the company, with the Mi Band 2 winning the Red Dot Design 2017 and enjoying a rather positive reception from both critics and consumers alike, largely due to its OLED display panel, capable specs, and what was seen as an intuitive user interface.

According to the aforementioned post on Weibo, the upcoming device will be formally announced on June 6 at 10 AM CST. The announcement will be made by the MIJIA crowdfunding platform, the Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer has confirmed. Although the upcoming device is still officially unknown and the announcement of the Mi Band 3 has not yet been confirmed by Xiaomi, it is expected that the third generation of the Mi Band range will be released later this year. However, the possibility that the Beijing-based electronics manufacturer may have decided to release another product altogether still cannot be ruled out at this stage. In recent years, the company has been diversifying its portfolio of products, which at one point relied heavily on smartphone sales, and is now expected to focus on a much wider range of consumer electronics. An update on the upcoming product and Xiaomi’s other hardware ambitions is expected to follow shortly.