Did Xiaomi's Exec Just Confirm That MIUI 9 Is Coming Soon?

MIUI 9 logo 1

Back in November, Xiaomi announced that the company had started developing MIUI 9 OS, which is a new version of its Android skin, and now it seems like one of the company’s executives has hinted that the announcement of MIUI 9 is coming soon. The company’s executive was communicating with Xiaomi’s fans on Weibo (Chinese social network), and along with writing ‘forward these letters, you will have the universe and good luck!’, he also mentioned MIUI, and he even bothered to bold the name of Xiaomi’s Android skin.

Now, this is not a direct confirmation that MIUI 9 is coming soon, but it sure seems like a hint. MIUI currently has around 200 million users, and it has evolved quite a bit since Xiaomi introduced it. MIUI 8 was a considerable improvement over MIUI 7, and consumers are expecting a similar improvement with MIUI 9 as well. MIUI is currently used in over 156 and regions with 32 languages, and considering that MIUI 8 got released back in May last year, MIUI 9’s announcement is long overdue at this point. The company already teased the arrival of a picture-in-picture feature for MIUI, though that feature will probably land along with a new version of MIUI 8. MIUI 8 is a really compelling Android skin, though it differs from stock Android quite a bit. This skin does not include an app drawer, and it’s also lacking some stock Nougat features, despite the fact it’s based on Nougat in its current form on a number of Xiaomi-branded devices.

With MIUI 8, you’re not getting the expandable notifications you’re used to, well, at least not in the way that stock Nougat implements them. Double tap the ‘overview’ button in order to switch back to your last used app is also not included here, and split screen mode is not a part of the picture either, even though that feature had also been teased recently, and is coming soon. MIUI 8 is quite snappy on pretty much every Xiaomi-branded device, and it will be interesting to see what will Xiaomi do in MIUI 9, though the company is expected to introduce more Nougat features, and the company will probably also touch up the design of its skin in MIUI 9.


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