WiFi Spy Detector App Lets You Keep Your Home Network Safe


Those of you who would like to keep a close eye on who's connecting to your WiFi network are in luck, considering a new app just popped up on the Play Store, and has various uses, all of which are closely connected to keeping an eye on your WiFi network. The app we're talking about is called 'WiFi Spy Detector', and it's coming from a company called 'WiFi Us', and that's their third Android application that is available in the Google Play Store.

This new application is currently holding a 4.7-star rating in the Play Store, after 25 reviews, though it hasn't been available for that long at this point. Now, if your WiFi connection feels slow, or you'd just like to keep a close eye on it from your smartphone, then this app can be quite handy, as it will give you some insight as to who is connecting to your WiFi network, and you'll also get a bunch of connected features. This app will pull up all devices that are connected to WiFi, no matter if we're talking about smartphones, TVs, tablets, or something else entirely. The app will also provide you with relevant data, including IP addresses, manufacturers, device names, DHCP server info, and much more. Needless to say, this application will help you secure your WiFi router, and keep potential hackers away from it. Truth be said, a solid password can go a long way when it comes to such security, but an app like this is always nice to have, as it gives you an additional layer of security.

This application offers really straightforward design and functionality, it's really simple to use. All you have to do once you fire it up, is let the app scan your WiFi network, and you'll get all the data you need. From there, you can take some additional action if necessary. This application is completely free to use, though it's worth noting you will get some ads here. If you'd like to get more info regarding this application or try it out for yourself, click on the Google Play Store button down below, and before you do that, you can always check out some official app images in the gallery which is placed below the article.


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