Toontastic 3D Now Lets You Create Your Own Cars 3 Movie

AH Toontastic 3D 1

Google has rolled out a new update to Toontastic 3D, adding two fresh content themes to the storytelling app that the search giant released in January of this year. One of the themes is inspired by Disney’s and Pixar’s new movie, “Cars 3”, that has been released this week. The Cars 3 theme allows kids to create their own cartoons with some of the characters from the animated film, including Lightning McQueen and Mater, along with new characters such as Jackson Storm, Cruz Ramirez and Miss Fritter. This update also includes two settings from the film: the Florida 500 raceway and the Thunder Hollow demolition derby. Behind-the-scenes tour of Pixar Animation Studios is also included in the app, providing kids a glimpse into how Pixar makes animated movies. However, you can add the Cars 3 characters and settings to your cartoons only until September 30.

The second theme is based on the Fruit Ninja video game that is developed by Halfbrick. The Fruit Ninja theme introduces characters and playsets from the YouTube Red Originals Series Fruit Ninja Frenzy Force, also by Halfbrick Studios. Like the Cars 3 theme, this one also allows users to make their own episodes with the heroes Peng, Seb, Niya and Ralph to take on Clean Bee. The updated release of Toontastic 3D is now available to download from the Play Store.

Toontastic 3D is a part of Google’s efforts to offer content focused on kids, including the YouTube Kids app. The Toontastic storytelling app is designed to help kids draw, narrate, and record their own cartoons. Its features include a giant toy box full of pirates, robots, and other kinds of villains. The app provides 3D drawing tools to let you design your own characters and it also lets you combine dozens of built-in songs to your soundtrack. An idea lab filled with playful stories, characters and settings to spark the kids’ imagination is also included. Kids have since created 2.5 million cartoons – equivalent to 24,000 hours of content created by kids – using the app. To use Toontastic 3D, you must only select a setting and choose your characters. The app then records your animations and voice into a cartoon video as you move your character on screen.