Thin UMIDIGI Z1 Loaded With 6GB RAM, Z1 Pro With 8GB RAM


The UMIDIGI Z1 is a new smartphone from UMIDIGI and one which does make a big play on its design. After all, UMIDIGI is touting this smartphone as being "the thinnest big battery flagship phone" that will hit the market. In other words, in spite of the Z1 coming equipped with a big capacity battery, it is not a phone which compensates by including a thick body design. In fact, UMIDIGI has already confirmed that the Z1 will be only 6.5mm thick. Hence the claim, with some additional proof being offered in the image above.

However, UMIDIGI is also claiming this is a flagship device, and more details are now starting to come through confirming this point. For instance, when it comes to the internal specs, there will be more than one version available, and even the lightest of those versions, will be packed with a decent RAM level. With UMIDIGI confirming that the UMIDIGI Z1 will be available in a 6GB RAM version, as well as an 8GB RAM version. The latter now confirmed as the UMIDIGI Z1 Pro. Unfortunately, the rest of the main aspects remain largely unknown, with the exception of one important detail – the price. According to the information coming through, the 6GB RAM version will be available to buy for $299, while the UMIDIGI Z1 Pro with 8GB RAM will be priced at $499.99. So while the two models will be more expensive than the average UMIDIGI smartphone, they will not be that much more expensive, and certainly more affordable in price than most other current flagship smartphones.

Although the details are still quite light on the Z1 and Z1 Pro, UMIDIGI is currently accepting registrations from interested buyers who want to stay up to date on announcements that are made, including when the two models become available. In addition, it also seems as though UMIDIGI will be giving away five UMIDIGI Z1 smartphones as part of a launch giveaway. More details on the contest, and the UMIDIGI Z1 in general, through the link below. As well as new video that has now been released by the company which not only further highlights the thin selling point of this new smartphone, but that it is the 'world's thinnest big battery flagship smartphone.'

More Info: UMIDIGI Z1 & Z1 Pro

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