SwiftKey's Latest Update Brings Support for GIFs

SwiftKey GIF Update AM AH 1

SwiftKey has just rolled out a new update for its popular keyboard onto the Google Play Store, and this update brings in GIF support. This is a popular feature of Google’s own keyboard, Gboard, and now it’s finally available on SwiftKey. Although it’s not exactly the same, seeing as with Gboard users are able to search for GIFs, and in SwiftKey users are only able to view GIFs for certain categories, which are mostly reactions to something. But it is nice to see it available in SwiftKey. It appears to be the new feature for basically every keyboard these days. Fleksy was the first to support GIFs and then Gboard and now SwiftKey.

In the changelog, SwiftKey does mention that GIFs are category only for now, which hints at the fact that it could change in the future and possibly add a search box for GIFs, making it easier to find other GIFs and include them wherever. So this is a step in the right direction for SwiftKey and GIF support. It’s not quite fully baked in right now, but it is at least there, which should make plenty of people happy. Also included in this update is a number of bug fixes and performance improvements, which are always present in virtually any update. This is to make the keyboard even better than it already is, which is definitely important.

SwiftKey is actually the most popular keyboard on the market right now, aside from Gboard which is pre-installed on virtually every Android smartphone and tablet right now. SwiftKey was recently purchased by Microsoft which made a few people think that the keyboard might suffer, but it hasn’t. The team has continued to push out quick updates to the app, and also bring in new features like the new GIF feature that arrived today. SwiftKey used to be a paid app, but it is now free, and even the in-app purchases have gone away. There are many, many themes available for SwiftKey so you can really make the keyboard look unique on your Android smartphone or tablet (it is also available for iOS), and the update is available on the Google Play Store right now.