Sprint Is Giving Away An LG G6 In Its Summer Giveaway

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Sprint has partnered up with LG to host a giveaway for its customers, where they can win LG’s new G6 flagship smartphone, a 55″ LG OLED TV, and gift cards that can go toward other prizes. One grand prize winner will get LG’s newest flagship handset along with the aforementioned TV and a bevy of other Summer-themed prizes in the form of gift cards, while 20 runners up will win the LG G6. Those interested in entering can do so up to three times per day; once on Twitter, once on Instagram, and once on Sprint’s online form. The online form does not require anything beyond some basic information to be filled out, while entering via Twitter or Instagram requires a photo posted with the hashtag #SprintSummerSweepstakes. Entering more often will increase your odds of winning, since the prizes will be handed out via a random drawing on July 7th. Entries are due in by June 30th.

There are a few rules to follow when entering on social media. For starters, the photo that you use has to be a new one for each entry, and must also be clean, non-offensive, and non-infringing. This means no copyrighted materials, no nudity, no depictions of violence, or any other objectionable behavior. Copyrighted materials include any kind of logos, posters, or even billboards, so be mindful of your surroundings and attire when taking your potentially prize-winning photo. Entrants must have accounts that they use to enter set to public, since Sprint may use photos that are used to enter the contest. It should be noted that laying down an awesome, well-shot, well-edited summer photo is not a bad thing by any means, but will not increase your odds of winning; since the drawing is going to be completely random, the only way to increase your chances is to enter as often as possible. Entering three times per day from now until the entry period ends should net you 48 entries, which will consist of 32 unique photos across both social platforms.

The gift cards to go with the grand prize package include $2,500 to a nearby scooter dealership, a $500 Home Depot gift card for a gas grill, a $500 gift card for golf clubs at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and another gift card toward Home Depot, this time in the amount of $1,000, for a patio set. Unlike most giveaways, where a winner has to foot the bill for the taxes on items themselves and possibly end up forced to sell their winnings to do so, Sprint will be giving the grand prize winner a check for around 30% of the total prize value. Unfortunately, the same courtesy will not be afforded to runners-up, who can expect to have to pay up about $212.40 out of pocket for taxes, if they wish to keep their shiny new device. Used LG G6 units from Sprint start out around $300 on Swappa, so those who opt to sell their prize in order to pay the taxes may end up pocketing under $100, depending on how they conduct the sale.