Sponsored Software Review: PhoneRescue


These days it's extremely important to keep track of all of your personal data, including messages, photos, and other types of files that you may have stored on your smartphone as this is generally the main tool for most people for communication, taking pictures, and completing work-related tasks. Backing up all of the data is something that should be done regularly, and luckily most of that can be done with storing data in the cloud and a lot of apps actually do this automatically. What happens if you need to recover data though? Well that's where software like PhoneRescue comes in. It can help you recover lost data that you may have accidentally deleted, or that ended up corrupted for any reason, and it does so pretty effortlessly and for a wide variety of phones which is an even bigger benefit as this means your phone should be supported, so long as it isn't too obscure. Let's take a closer look at PhoneRescue and see how it stacks up.

Before you can get started with recovering any of your data you'll need to head to the PhoneRescue website and download the PhoneRescue software.


First things first, PhoneRescue works with a variety of different phones and chances are your is supported. It works with the Google Pixel and Pixel XL, Nexus devices, Samsung devices, HTC devices, Huawei devices, and Sony devices just to name some of the supported OEMs. Upon opening PhoneRescue for the first time you'll be asked to select your preferred language, and the software will support English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Arabic.

Once your language is chosen, the software will give you a list of options for what types of data you want to recover. All of the boxes for each data type are already selected by default, but you can uncheck these boxes if you wish to slim down to only the types of data you want to recover. In total Phone Rescue will allow you to recover Contacts, Call Logs, Messages, Calendar data, Photos, Music, Videos, App Documents, WhatsApp chat records and attachments, and LINE chat records and attachments.


When choosing a box for a specific data type, the UI will show a pleasant little animation for that type of data. For example, with messages, the icon in the middle changes to look like a message bubble, and this happens for each data type. This doesn't change how the software works at all but it's a nice touch and some great attention to detail.

PhoneRescue will ask for permission to access different types of data on your device, and you'll need to grant those permissions on the connected device for the software to scan and retrieve the data that you want.


Once you grant the permissions, the software will begin analyzing your phone or tablet to find the data that you wanted to recover. This process can be quick or take a little bit longer depending on what types of data you selected for recovery. It's also worth noting that you can do a Deep Scan or a Quick Scan, and while Deep Scan will potentially find more data, it also requires the phone be rooted and PhoneRescue doesn't reverse this process, so you'll want to be aware of this before choosing Deep Scan.

If you select Messages as your data type for recovery, PhoneRescue won't just find all of your text messages, it'll also be able to recover any attachments from those messages, such as photos, and it'll split those off into their own section for you to see them separate from the recovered texts.


Once PhoneRescue has recovered the data that you want you can export any of that data to your PC, and there multiple options for the file type you can use for exporting when you're exporting things like the call history, messages, WhatsApp, Calendar, Contacts, and LINE chats. These include being able to choose .html or .txt for call history, messages, WhatsApp, and LINE chats, and .csv and .vsf for contacts and calendar data. For the media files, they'll simply be exported using whatever file format they're already in, I.E. jpg, MP3, PNG etc. Though keep in mind that you'll need a full copy of the software to download any of the data that's recovered. You can however try the software to see what it finds for free. It's also possible to recover the data for Messages, Contacts, Call Logs, and Calendar directly to an Android smartphone or tablet for instant use if you need it on the device in addition to being on your PC.


PhoneRescue can also remove the lock screen security from the device if you need it to in the event that you forget something like your PIN or password.

When it comes down to it, PhoneRescue is a pretty simple piece of software that does just a handful of different things and it does them well. It's not bloated with tons of features that you don't really need and that's a refreshing change of pace. If you have a need for recovering lost data or you just want the ability to do so in the event that a situation with lost data comes up, PhoneRescue has the ability to provide this.


  • Speed (5/5) – The software installs quickly, and operates quickly, though it might take longer if you're having it recover tons of stuff.
  • Features (5/5) – It doesn't have tons of features but it has just the ones it needs.
  • Theme (5/5) – The UI is actually great. It's minimalist, easy to navigate, and just looks clean.
  • Overall (5/5) – A nice piece of software that works great at what it does.


  • Works fast
  • Great UI
  • Recovers quite a few different data types
  • Works with a wide variety of phones and phone brands, including the Google Pixel
  • Can remove phone lock screen
  • Allows for exporting recovered data
  • Can do Deep Scan or Quick Scan


  • Deep Scan requires Root and the software doesn't reverse the Root process, or make the Root a temporary Root.

Not everyone has a need to recover lost or corrupted data, but it's not a bad idea to be prepared to do so if the situation comes up, and with how well PhoneRescue works this is definitely one worth considering. It also doesn't hurt that it seems to work with just about any device. Overall PhoneRescue does what it says and does the job well without making things complicated. Definitely check this out if you have data you need to recover.

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