Sponsored App Review: ATracker

June 28, 2017 - Written By Justin Diaz

While it’s not the case for everyone, for many it can be challenging to manage your time and make sure things run as smoothly and efficiently as possible throughout the day. That’s where apps like ATracker come in handy as they’re designed and developed to help you do just that – manage your time. There looks to be tons of options and features included here, so let’s take a closer look at ATracker and see what it has to offer.

Before you can get started with managing your time a little bit better you’ll need to head to the Play Store and download ATracker and install it.

When you open up the app the main page will display your tasks for the day. This is called the Today tab, and there are two other tabs (History and Report) and the settings button sitting in the bottom navigation bar. On the Today tab, You have your day’s tasks up top, and the floating action button at the bottom to add a new task. Once tasks have been added to the Today tab you can tap on a task and it will start a countdown timer for that task. Additionally, you can tap on that task again to stop the countdown timer, and you can see an overview of the time spent for the day at the very top of the tab.

When going to create a new task there is tons of information that can be added in and a bit of customization too. For instance, you can select the color tag that’s associated with the task if you want things to be color-coded. This serves more than one purpose and doesn’t just show you a specific color when viewing your different tasks on the today tab. You can also add icons to your tasks, as well as a name, a timer, and multiple things you can toggle on or off like notes, a pie chart, and a countdown.

If you choose to add a pie chart, this is how it will look and you can view these from the Reports tab. The reason you want things color-coded is because each task will be shown on the pie chart with its respective color. This becomes even more important if you decide to view the pie chart in either a 7-day or 30-day view as opposed to just the current day, as you’ll be seeing all of your tasks for those times, and having the associated colors can help separate things out.

You can also choose to theme your main page and without it the main page is just a simple and basic white color. If you feel like the themes would be too distracting and defeat the purpose of the app, you can leave it the basic white.

That said, there are a handful of different themes and skins to choose from which can be applied, and they certainly add a fun element to the app, which is great because managing your time with tasks is not always the most enjoyable task of the day.

On the History tab you have a few different buttons in the top right corner that are worth paying attention to. One of these is a button that looks like a calendar, and by default the history page will look like it does above with the lines separating out the times of each day as well as the days. If you tap on the button with the stars and lines it gets rid of this view shown above and only displays your given task for the current day. The magnifying glass button will automatically navigate right to the task time on the agenda shown, so this makes for a quick way to see the task in the history of this view. Naturally there is also a “+” button that allows you to add a new task entry from this tab as well.

In the settings menu there are quite a few options and different adjustments that can be made. One of the these is how you want the dates to be used in CSV export so other applications such as Excel can parse date correctly. You can also toggle on Simultaneous tasks, calendar, language, Day Start and other options from the settings menu.

In the top left corner you can find a Tasks button that looks like a little file cabinet of sorts. This is the Tasks page and will show you just your Active Tasks or All Tasks depending on what you’re looking for. All Tasks will show you ones that are already over in addition to those you still have going. If you’re looking to cut down on what is visible and just those that are Active then you’ll stick with the Active tab. In the top right corner of this page you can see a few buttons, the first one with the A-Z will organize things in alphabetical order, while the next button that looks like the shuffle key lets you reorder your tasks when tapped. As you can see in the image above, I had moved the gaming tasks from the top task to the one in the middle. The last button is yet another button to add a new task to the app. This might seem redundant, but on the contrary, it ensures you’re never without the ability to set up a new task, and being able to do it from multiple locations in the app can help you be more efficient.

While I don’t personally use Task management or time management apps most of the time, I found ATracker to be useful and help me stay on top of my tasks. There is enough options in the app to be robust and full-featured for those that really use every aspect of these kinds of tools to stay on top of things, but everything is also easy to find so it’s great for light users too.


  • Speed (5/5) – No issues with load times and really no setup so getting straight to the task management was a breeze.
  • Features (5/5) – Lots of options in this app to go over that make it pretty useful.
  • Theme (4/5) – Not quite full material design but still looks great as there are some material design elements.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – If you need a feature-rich time management tool this is it.


  • Lots of options
  • The pie charts add a nice level of detail to breaking down your different tasks and allow you to see things from a more analytical view
  • Color coding options to help keep things organized
  • Themes and skins to customize the look of the app
  • Easy to navigate UI
  • No real setup so creating tasks starts immediately after you open the app for the first time
  • Alert message suggesting to use the “Get Started” option to help acquaint you with all the features.


  • Integration with other to-do list apps or other time management apps would be a nice touch.

Not everyone manages their time well and not everyone needs to. For those that do, ATracker is aimed at helping you do so in the best way possible. It doesn’t disappoint in the options department and it wasn’t challenging trying to become familiar with how to use it, and with all you can do with it it’s even more of a value since it’s free. If you’re looking to manage your time more efficiently and stay on top of your tasks to keep your day organized, check ATracker out.

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