Skype Introduces New Highlight Feature & Color Customization

Skype Highlights

Skype has introduced a new highlights feature and color customization options for chats as part of a new update to the Skype application for mobile devices. Color customization can be accessed in chats with family and friends to show the chat bubbles in a selection of gradient fills and more. There’s also a new way to easily express your reactions to certain messages from others with a reaction button that you can find in chats.

Skype wants to make the service more personable for users and make it easier and more fun to share things with those you chat with the most. That’s why they’ve added the new Highlights feature in. Highlights is designed as a way for users to share their adventures and their biggest moments so anyone can see these highlight-worthy moments at a glance. More specifically, you can share videos and photos in the Highlights section and as more photos and videos are added in it creates a highlight reel with all of the shared moments that you’ve tossed in there. The people you’re sharing them with can react to each one with things like emoticons, and each highlight reel post has a chat tied to it that users can enter into and begin a conversation about that specific shared item.

To access the highlights feature users simply need to navigate to Skype’s camera feature and either record a video or snap a photo, then share it with the Highlights section. Alternatively users can also share things directly with other users through created group chats or with a single contact. Skype also now includes bots, like the StubHub bot to help you find ticket prices and seats. Bots, along with add-ins can be found under Skype’s new “Find” panel. Here, Skype allows users to search for just about anything they might need. There are already a handful of bots and add-ins included with this new version of Skype, and it should already be live for some users though Skype does mention that the update will be a gradual one and take the next few weeks to reach all users. This is also an Android-specific launch for now with the iOS version coming directly after the Android update, and in the months ahead it’ll land on desktop.