Samsung's Ostrich-Starring Ad Wins Seven Cannes Lions Awards

Samsung Gear VR Astonished Ostrich Screenshot

Samsung’s ad for the latest iteration of the Gear VR headset starring an astonished ostrich won seven awards at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, three of which were gold. The Seoul-based company boasted about its achievement on Monday, adding that the accolades it received are a testament to its marketing efforts and constant desire for innovation. The three golden awards given to the ad were for animation, direction, and visual impact. Additionally, the video received two of each silver and bronze prizes, with Samsung stating that the creation is meant to reflect the company’s ambition to always strive for the impossible, a sentiment that it believes its clients also share. The ad was originally aired in late March during the Unpacked event that saw the South Korean original equipment manufacturer (OEM) announce the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus, the firm’s latest Android flagships which went on sale in April.

The ostrich-starring ad isn’t particularly aimed at promoting the Galaxy S8 series as much as it’s focused on the Gear VR powered by Samsung’s new flagships and the general appeal of virtual reality technologies, which is in line with the company’s recent efforts to “humanize” itself and reinvent its marketing strategy. As recently revealed by Samsung’s Chief Marketing Officer Marc Mathieu, the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco forced the firm to put more effort into promoting brand trust and not individual products themselves, and the award-winning “Dream of an Ostrich” ad that can be seen beneath this writing is one of the first examples of that newly adopted strategy.

Samsung is still hard at work trying to project this new image of its operations and products to consumers and will likely increase its efforts to do so in the coming weeks as the launch of the Galaxy Note 8 draws near. The upcoming phablet is expected to be unveiled between the second half of August and mid-September and should go on sale by early fall, industry sources previously said. The smartphone is expected to make amends for last year’s Galaxy Note 7 ordeal, with more details on the upcoming device expected to follow shortly.