Samsung S-Patch3 Health Wearable Spotted At FCC

Samsung S Patch3 FCC

A new Samsung health wearable S-Patch3 has received clearance from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The listing does not reveal any technical specifications of the device but describes it as a wearable health monitoring system. There is also an image resembling the device that was seen at CES 2016 when Samsung demonstrated an S-Patch prototype powered by its Bio Processor.

As the FCC listing is not really too descriptive about the device, CES 2016’s S-Patch demonstration may provide some substantial information. It showed the device which was quite small in size and was meant to be attached to the user’s chest. From here, the device was shown to be capable of monitoring one’s heart rate continuously and in real-time, although the Bio Processor itself supports tracking electrocardiogram (ECG) and rate of blood flow and fat among other things. It means the device basically serves as a fitness tracker at the core level but in a better way to show more accurate results. All of the data collected by the S-Patch can be seen on a smartphone instantly which seems to be possible via Bluetooth connectivity, and as you might expect, the user has control over data sharing which means they can choose to share it with their doctor, fitness trainer or with anyone else they might want to. If interested, you can watch the demonstration given by Samsung in the video shown below.

The device in the video was obviously a prototype and now a year later, this FCC listing referring a similar device with the name S-Patch3 has surfaced and could be the evolution of the device shown off in the demonstration. It seems like Samsung has made some significant improvements since the demo back in 2016 and is now almost ready to release a commercial product. While it appears to be a promising wearable health monitoring system on paper, it is the real world usage and benefits which will tell if it will be worth being attached to one’s chest all day. An announcement and additional details regarding the S-Patch3 may surface in the near future though there is no indication of when that may be.