Samsung Q2 Operating Profits Will Reportedly Surpass Apple's


According to a report out of the company's home country, South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics' operating profits for Q2 2017 are on track to be the highest in the company's history. Those estimates could also require some adjustment since the final numbers could be even higher than the currently predicted $11.6 billion to $12.3 billion USD, according to the source, since the performance of the company continues to rise. By comparison, Apple's operating profits are currently expected to be in $10.5 billion USD range for that period. Moreover, the combined operating profits of Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google are currently estimated to be at around $11.15 billion USD by the end of the second quarter. So, if the estimates pan out, Samsung will officially be the most profitable company on the operating profits front in the entire world for at least that part of the year.

According to the report, Samsung's profits will stem mostly from the semiconductor side of the company's operation and its OLED screen technology. On the chip side, demand is up for the company's DRAMs and NAND memories in conjunction with a rise in prices for those components. Furthermore, the Samsung Electronics brand is huge in the world of OLED panels since demand has continued to rise for that display technology as well – particularly in the small to medium size range. Perhaps surprisingly, for those that aren't aware of the full breadth of Samsung's business ventures, Samsung's smartphones actually played a minimal role in its operating profits for the quarter. Of course, that could change in the coming months with the next member of Samsung's hugely popular Note series, the Galaxy Note 8, rumored to be just on the horizon.

Whether the expectations turn out to be realistic or not, if Samsung earns anywhere near that amount it will represent an enormous increase over the company's Q1 results for 2017. In that quarter, Samsung reported 8.75 Billion USD in operating profits. Q1 earnings were also mostly attributed to chip sales – though phone sales did contribute to a greater degree for that time frame. With that said, the technology industry can be a brutal place in that profits can disappear or improve with very little warning. Final numbers also rarely meet expectations. In the meantime, with the end of Q2 2017 rapidly approaching, Samsung's prospects are looking better than they ever have.

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