Report: Galaxy Note FE Delayed, Now Expected To Arrive July 30

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 AH NS 01 s pen airview

The Samsung Galaxy Note FE is unlikely to be made available until July 30, according to a report from South Korean media outlet, News1. This is later than the previously suggested July 7 release date and it seems production is the reason behind the delay, as Samsung is reportedly struggling to increase production to the expected level in time for the original July 7 deadline.

However, the report also picks up on another reason that may be (at the very least) contributing to the delay, the Samsung Galaxy S8. According to the report, which credits unnamed “industry stakeholders,” due to the popularity and ‘market power’ of the Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung is prolonging the release of the Galaxy Note FE to further garner Galaxy S8 sales. Whatever the reason, if the latest report is correct, then the Galaxy Note FE will not arrive until the end of July, at the earliest.

While this device is going by the Galaxy Note FE moniker, it is one which is far more likely to be known as the Galaxy Note 7. As has previously been reported, the renaming of the Galaxy Note 7 to the Galaxy Note FE is supposedly designed to highlight that this is a ‘fan edition’ of the phone. Although, it does stand to reason that Samsung is also probably keen on distancing the revised model from the original model, in as many ways as possible. Speaking of which, while the general design of the Galaxy Note FE is expected to be largely identical to the original model, it is expected that the Galaxy Note FE will come equipped with a lesser capacity battery – 3,200 mAh compared to the previous 3,500 mAh. Likewise, it has also been rumored that the new model will include a Bixby button. Unfortunately, while a number of reports have come through on the suggested price points, none have come through in a definitive or formal capacity. So it is still unclear just how much the Galaxy Note FE will cost. What is clear though, is that the Galaxy Note FE will not be available in all regions. A point Samsung has made on more than one occasion. The US being one of those regions, in spite of the Galaxy Note FE having passing through the FCC, on more than one occasion.